Find Your Spiritual Match: Episode 327

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Question to discuss:

What do you look for in a potential marriage partner as assurance that he or she has an active and growing faith?

Roundtable: Looking for Signs of Life

 What does spiritual leadership look like in a relationship? Is it necessary for a couple to have equal levels of spiritual maturity? What if the woman has a stronger faith muscle or longer faith history than her man? What constitutes a vibrant, active faith, and how do you know when you see it? We answer these questions and more in this week’s Roundtable.

Culture: Happy Can Happen

Relationships have their ups and downs, but did you know you can take actual steps to make your relationships happier overall? Dr. Les Parrott, author with his wife Leslie of Making Happy, outlines how several key steps (most of them pretty easy and definitely fun) will jump-start a marriage, dating relationship and even a friendship with fresh new ways to relate to one another.

Inbox: Appropriate Affection

As a guy, our listener wants to know if there are appropriate ways of showing physical affection to the women in his life. Counselor Geremy Keeton backs it up and starts with addressing motives, methods and the goal of serving and building others up.