First-Class Follower: Episode 331

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Question for discussion:

Are you a good follower? What ideas for growth did Jimmy’s principles give you?

Culture: Follow the Leader

There’s a lot out there about becoming a good leader. Books, articles, podcasts and seminars are devoted to the topic. But according to former Chick-fil-A executive Jimmy Collins, author of Creative Followership, becoming a great leader starts with being a great follower. He shares a whole list of principles that will put you head and shoulders above your peers, giving you the confidence to make decisions, gain trust, get results and grow in your career.

Roundtable: Who’s the Boss?

Most of us have a boss. In fact, your relationship with your boss is the most important factor in determining your job satisfaction. What are some key boss-employee dynamics to keep in mind? How can you improve your attitude, performance and drive to inspire confidence in your boss and others? What about the things you don’t like about your boss? Join this panel discussion as it follows up on points raised in this week’s Culture segment with Jimmy Collins.

Inbox: Bible Study Brainstorm

He’d like to study the Bible with his girlfriend, but are there guidelines for doing so? Are there possible dangers to consider? Counselor Glenn Lutjens weighs in.