For Such a Time As This: Episode 322

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Question to consider:

Do you have non-Christian friends and/or family members, and if so, what conversations, if any, do you have about spiritual things?

Roundtable: Fish out of Water

We’re living in a world that is becoming decidedly less Christian. For many countries, this has been the norm for decades, even centuries. But for Christians in the United States, it’s a bit of culture shock. Gone are the days where you could talk about God, Jesus or the Bible with general acceptance, let alone understanding. But what does that mean practically? How do we engage our non-Christian friends on the job, in the coffee shop — even in our own families? Here’s some great insight from young adults who are making it happen.

Culture: From Allah to Christ

What’s it like to question your entire faith and the traditions that have upheld it since before you can remember? Nabeel Qureshi knows. While a devout Muslim, his conversations with a friend started a quest that led him deeper into both Islam and Christianity, and ultimately straight to the heart of Jesus Christ. He tells his story in Seeking Allah, Finding Jesus and through his work with Ravi Zacharias International Ministries. His love for his family and his people hasn’t changed, but his love for the Gospel has changed everything.

Inbox: There’s No Spark

It’s one thing when you’re not attracted to a specific person, but what if you’re not attracted to any of the girls around you? Counselor Glenn Lutjens gives some advice to our listener.