I Need a Sign: Episode 336

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Question for discussion:

Do you feel you’ll need confirmation or a sign before committing to marriage? Why or why not?

Roundtable: How to Know for Sure

There’s a lot of common wisdom that goes into finding a spouse. But it’s also a big, lifelong and life-altering decision that’s not to be taken lightly. It can inspire a certain amount of fear, enough so to make us want confirmation — some sort of sign — that proceeding is OK. Is it legit to ask for a sign or some version of the supernatural when choosing a mate? A panel of marrieds weighs in.

Culture: Will You Be Married at 40?

Have you ever wondered when you’ll get married? Do you know how that compares to others in your generation? For those who are just reaching a marriageable age, what are the projections for you and your peers? Steven Martin, fellow at the Urban Institute and co-author of a study on marriage trends among Millennials, shares the study’s findings and what this means for the future of marriage around the world.

Inbox: I Want a Prenup

She’s heavily invested in three businesses. She wants to protect her financial holdings. Is asking for a prenup valid for Christians? Candice Watters looks at the bigger picture and offers counsel.