It’s Complicated: Episode 323

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Question to Consider:

How do you balance grace and truth in conversations about homosexuality?

Roundtable: The Same-Sex Struggle

For those who struggle with same-sex attraction, the questions, doubts and fears surrounding the issue are nothing new. But is there hope, specifically for Christians who feel torn between God’s design for sexuality and their own experience? What about those of us with gay and lesbian friends? How do we maintain grace and truth in our conversations and interactions with them? The leaders from Where Grace Abounds share from their experience and God’s Word.

Culture: Sex on the Brain

The last person you want to talk to you about sex (well, except for your parents) is probably your doctor. What’s the point of getting clinical about it? Well, in a culture where people have sex for any reason or no reason, knowing the latest on sexual chemistry, STDs, brain function, emotional bonding and other factors is in order. Fortunately, Dr. Freda McKissic Bush, author of Hooked and Girls Uncovered, is here to walk us through it all.

Inbox: Relationships at Pursuit 2014

Our listener is considering attending Pursuit this summer, but worries that he may meet a great girl from another state (or country). Is doing a conference like Pursuit worth the investment when the connections may ultimately be long-distance ones? Lisa offers some insight.