Lie Detector: Episode 285

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Roundtable: Who Am I?

It’s easy to believe lies about ourselves, and there’s nothing that Satan would like better than to defeat us with our own negative self-talk. So how do we understand the way God sees us, and then truly believe it? This week’s guests struggle with performance, anger, despair and striving, but with God’s help, are climbing out of the pit of condemnation into the life of joy that God wants for all His children.

Culture: I Want to Matter

Tindell Baldwin grew up in a loving home with a Christian family. But it wasn’t enough. Tindell wanted to be popular, so she dumped her faith for a partying lifestyle that made her the center of attention and the envy of her so-called friends. But a life of booze and boys eventually caught up with her, and Tindell gave her life to Christ. She shares her story in her new book, Popular.

Inbox: Women in God’s Image

How do women, with all their emotions and inscrutable ways, reflect the image of God? One of our male listeners wants to know, so Glenn Stanton weighs in.

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