Living Room: Episode 267

Hello, friends! One of the most common bits of feedback we’ve received about the new site so far is a desire to still comment on podcasts. Because our current functionality doesn’t allow this (but we’re hopeful for the future, so don’t worry), I’ll throw out a quick show summary each week, then you can have at it with your comments. So listen to the show, and here we go. And, yeah, you can thank me now. Or later.

This week we’re talking about the many options you have as a single young adult when it comes to your living situation. Some of you live with your parents; some are with roommates; some live with a family, or rent a room, or live alone. Some own homes, and some don’t. Our panel has seen and lived it all. We discuss the pros and cons of all of them, and how to prepare for each unique experience.

Next, I talk with Glenn Stanton about the rise of cohabitation — even in the church — and how there really is no good argument for living with the opposite sex apart from marriage. Glenn brings compelling sociological arguments that apply not only to couples, but even those convenient dorm-like, platonic setups.

Finally, Candice answers a listener’s frustration on rarely making it to the second date. Who of us hasn’t been there?