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Making Christmas Meaningful: Episode 464

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Question to discuss:

What do you do to ensure the Christmas holiday doesn’t get away from you? How do you slow down, take it all in, and bless others in the process?

Roundtable: What Christmas Means to Me

Christmas can be hard when you’re single. The solution isn’t to get depressed or bitter, but to instead find ways to infuse
meaning, tradition and joy into the holiday. Sometimes this means being extra creative and intentional. Our panel talks
about how to maximize the season with spirit and selflessness.

Culture: It’s a Pokenberry Christmas, Part 2

We’re back in the world of Odyssey this week for part two of “It’s a Pokenberry Christmas.” George is still discouraged
(and wet from the river rescue), but is reminded that even in our moments of greatest disappointment, God can use us. Join
us for the conclusion of this heartwarming Christmas tale from Adventures in Odyssey.

Inbox: Relationship Deal-Breakers

What are those things that say, “This relationship needs to end. No, really. It’s time to get out.”? Joshua Rogers candidly
shares his list of red flags.

Music: Paul Baloche