Manhood Worth Modeling: Episode 321

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Question to consider:

What constitutes gentleman-like behavior? How can Christian men lead the way in caring for others in word and deed?

Roundtable: To Be a Gentleman

There are many ways to describe a man in today’s culture, but what defines a gentleman? Did gentlemen exist only in Jane Austen novels, or are there codes of character and behavior that befit not only mature men, but godly men? Tim Goeglein wrote an article for Citizen magazine on the subject, and assembles a group of men here to discuss its implications. 

Culture: What Is ‘The Kingdom’?

Dr. Tony Evans (pictured below with me in the studio) has much to say on being a Kingdom Man or Kingdom Woman, but you can’t be either if you don’t know what kingdom you’re serving. Get some straight answers here as Dr. Evans dives into Scripture to give us a clear picture of the kingdom of God both now and in the age to come.

Inbox: Ask for Her Hand

He’s ready to pop the question, but he’s still in college, younger than his girlfriend, and quite frankly terrified of asking her parents to entrust him with their daughter. Counselor George Stahnke provides guidance for requesting her hand.