Medicine and Marriage: Episode 325

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Question to consider:

Do you agree with Shaunti Feldhahn’s “top five” lists for men and women? Why or why not? How do you/would you feel most affirmed and valued by the opposite sex?

Roundtable: A Prescription for Family

Whether you’re contemplating medical school, marriage to a med student or the pressures of any high-demand career, it’s best to go in with your eyes wide open. The relational, financial and emotional toll can be high. That said, there are rewards. For a clear picture chock-full of pros and cons, our panel of docs (and those who love them) will give you the insight you need.

Dr. Phil Stiver, Jan Stiver, Lisa, Dr. Ricardo Whyte, Dr. Annelise Spees

Dr. Phil Stiver, Jan Stiver, Lisa Anderson, Dr. Ricardo Whyte, Dr. Annelise Spees

Culture: Happiness Secrets

Shaunti Feldhahn is no stranger to research, surveys and interviews. In the past, she’s given us insight on men, women and the workplace. Now she’s back with a list of Surprising Secrets of Highly Happy Marriages. The best thing is, they’re actually attainable. Oh, and they work for just about any relationship between men and women. Grab a pen and listen in.
Inbox: Online Options

She never thought online dating was for her, but she may change her mind. That said, is going online the equivalent of being “too forward”? Is she not trusting God by giving technology a chance? Lisa Anderson offers advice.