Missionary Dating: Episode 284

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Roundtable: Unequally Yoked

Unequally-yoked marriages begin with unequally-yoked dating relationships. So why are so many Christians OK with giving their time, attention and heart to that unsaved boyfriend or girlfriend? Three women  ladies, let’s admit we’re especially susceptible to this  put their pasts on the table in a frank discussion of the presumptions  and perils  of missionary dating.

Culture: Excessive Generosity

Do you have enough money? Stuff? Modern comforts? If you make $20,000 annually, you’re in the top 11 percent richest people in the world. The fact is, most of us have more than we need; we’re living with excess. So what does it mean for us to give generously of what we have? Jeff Shinabarger, author of More Or Less, has some challenging (and fun!) ideas.

Inbox: Couples Without Christ

Her siblings are dating non-Christians, and she’s not excited about it. But her siblings aren’t believers, either, so what’s the real issue here? Candice offers relationship wisdom.