Mistaken Identity: Episode 334

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Question for discussion:

Where does Satan most often try to attack your identity? What’s your first reaction, and what do you do to refocus your heart and mind on your true identity in Christ?

Roundtable: Know Thyself

We think we believe God about who He is and who we are, but when disappointment, failure or tragedy comes, it’s easy to dissolve into a puddle of fear and disbelief. What about your story has you rejoicing at God’s goodness? Where must you rely daily on God’s provision and purposes for you? Join our panel as we talk about our identities and the crises that (apart from Christ) threaten to shake us.

Culture: The Truest Thing

David Lomas knows first-hand what happens when we let something other than Christ define us; the ups and downs of his ministry career gave him plenty of reasons to question God’s work in his life. But once he figured out that his identity was given, not earned, it opened up a whole new avenue of grace to him. Now pastor of a church in San Francisco and author of The Truest Thing About You, Dave is passionate about showing God’s people a way out of shame, doubt, legalism and self-righteousness into a true understanding of our position as sons and daughters of God.

Inbox: Small Group Signals

She thinks her small group leader may be into her, but how can she be sure? What if he’s just nice to everyone? Is there a way to find out without humiliating herself? Counselor Diane Mhoon offers advice.