New Documentary ‘Irreplaceable’ Reclaims Conversation About the Family

If I ever joined Netflix, it’s possible I would become a documentary junkie overnight. I enjoy learning about an interesting topic in just a couple hours — whether it’s the fast food industry, the danger of killer whales or Taylor Swift’s rise to fame. Maybe someday I’ll see Word Wars, “a look at the obsessive world of competitive Scrabble.” Now that’s what I call entertainment!

On Tuesday, May 6, (or May 7 if you live in Canada) we’ll have the chance to see in theaters Focus on the Family’s first-ever documentary, Irreplaceable. In this film, host Tim Sisarich journeys around the globe to explain where family has “gone wrong,” but ends up making startling discoveries about his own past and how it’s impacted the decisions he’s made until now. Using real-world stories coupled with expert commentary, Irreplaceable forces us to examine the family and our place in it in ways that are at times uncomfortable, but ultimately redemptive and hope-infused.   

Take a look at the film’s trailer:


(Mobile readers can see the video here.)

Focus on the Family has partnered with Fathom Events to show the Irreplaceable documentary in more than 700 theaters nationwide. And we at Boundless invite you to join in the one-night event! 1) Tell your friends, 2) buy tickets, 3) go out afterward to talk about what you saw. These discussion questions will help you get the conversation started. Then come back here to the Boundless blog May 7 to share your thoughts about the film.

Watching documentaries about spelling bees, billionaires or a high-wire artist is entertaining. But this documentary is more than that. It’ll cause you to reflect on the family you came from, the family you hope to have one day, and the importance of strong families to the health of our society. Don’t miss it!    

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