Not Telling Dad


The dilemma in today’s featured Boundless article, “Not Telling Dad,” is an awkward one. Essentially, the question is, “Does my 31-year-old boyfriend have to answer all my father’s questions?” Specifically questions about whether the boyfriend, who has “lived a pretty wild life,” has any sexually transmitted infections.

I can see different sides to the situation. On one hand, why is the father being so intrusive, not trusting his 27-year-old daughter to make wise decisions about her boyfriend? On the other hand, why is the boyfriend afraid to be transparent? Is he hiding something that he’s ashamed of, something secretive that a father would sense and an in-love girlfriend might not?

She could just dismiss her father’s questions, saying it’s none of his business anymore. But doing so would damage her relationship with her father, and simply put off a conversation that must eventually take place.

So what advice does Boundless Answers columnist John Thomas give? Hm.