Red and Yellow, Black and White: Episode 320

Listen to this week’s show and share your comments! Questions to consider: Where do you see the impact of race and diversity most in your own life? What encourages or frustrates you on this front? 

Roundtable: Minority Report

The transition to adulthood is tricky for anyone these days. But for young adults who are an ethnic or cultural minority, there are unique challenges to consider. How does race or cultural origin factor into our work, family life, dating decisions and more? Our panel (shown below L to R: Ryan, Kendra and Ivette) shares candidly from its own experience.

Culture: The God of Variety

Trillia Newbell is a black woman married to a white man, raising bi-racial children in an ever-changing community near Nashville, Tenn. As a writer and consultant for unique audiences ranging from The Gospel Coalition to the Knoxville News-Sentinel, Trillia sees the impact of race on relationships, decision-making and ministry priorities. In her new book, United, Trillia shares God’s heart for diversity and calls the church to relationships that reflect the Gospel, break stereotypes and ultimately change the world. Listen in for her perspective on doing Christian community with our commonalities in Christ at the center.

Inbox: She’s Irritating

His girlfriend gets excited about stuff. And she shares her enthusiasm — a lot. It’s starting to irritate him, so should he say something, or is the problem in his own head? Candice Watters weighs in.