ROCK THE BODY Frequently Asked Questions

 One week from today on Monday, Aug. 26, ROCK THE BODY 2013 will begin as we band together as a Boundless community to take our commitment to a local body of believers seriously. For five weeks, our articles, social media, blog posts, and podcasts will provide advice and encouragement for finding your place in a local church. We’re giving you the heads up now so you can sign up and prepare your heart and mind to be open to how the Lord might want to use this challenge in your life.

Here are some answers to recent questions:

Why do I have to sign up?

When you sign up, you will be invited to take a quick survey about your current church-going habits. You will also receive a downloadable flyer to print and hang on your bathroom mirror, refrigerator or other prominent place to remind you of the five elements of the challenge.

Can I enter the contest if I’m already “rockin’ the body”?

Yes, you may. But please still sign up and participate along the way (comment on the blog, use hashtag #rockthebody2013, etc). Your experience and insight will help and encourage others taking the challenge!

To officially enter the contest, you will need to submit a short essay at the end of the challenge. (See official contest rules.)

Why are Canadians excluded from the contest, eh?

Different countries have different legalities for contests such as this, so to keep it simple, only U.S. residents are eligible to win prizes. (See official contest rules.) But anyone can sign up for ROCK THE BODY and complete the five tasks.

How do I let you know I’m doing all five tasks?

Your completion of the five tasks is really up to you. We won’t be calling your pastor to make sure you showed up on Sunday to teach the 5 year olds. But there will be a way to show your participation each week with a small activity we assign. Every Monday on the blog we’ll announce what that week’s assignment is.

Is it OK if I joined a church already, before the five week period starts?

Yes, that is OK!

Will you have some intermediate- and advanced-level challenges for those of us who are already involved in our churches?

The five elements of the challenge will remain the same for all participants, but you may want to raise the bar higher for yourself. For example, you could try leading a small group rather than just attending one. You could give a higher percentage of your income. You could invite your pastor out for lunch one day. Each participant can decide the level of difficulty of this challenge. 

Where can I get more information about ROCK THE BODY?

Go to If you have a question, leave a comment below or email us at