The Family Project: Episode 324

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Question to consider:

Where have you let today’s culture erode your view of (or hope for) the family?

Roundtable: It Starts With Me

It’s easy to look at the culture’s (or your own family’s) dysfunction and start assigning blame. The fact is, there’s a lot that’s gone wrong with the family in recent generations. But we don’t need to buy into the world’s script. God designed the family and has great plans for it; He even has plans for your family. Focus on the Family is unveiling a documentary that details this vision, and our panel takes the film’s themes and makes them our own. Where could your view of family use a tune-up?

Culture: Irreplaceable

Tim Sisarich set out on a global journey to discover what’s gone wrong with the family. What he discovered was certainly not what he was expecting. As host of Focus on the Family’s soon-to-be-released documentary, Irreplaceable, Tim learns that not only has our view of family eroded, but a reclamation of it begins with our own (sometimes very small) choices.

Inbox: The Temptation Is Too Strong

They haven’t had sex, but they’ve done pretty much everything else. Now engaged, they’re not sure they can save sex for the wedding night. Are they even asking the right question? Candice Watters unpacks this sober discussion.