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The Kindness Challenge: Episode 466

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Question to discuss:

Could you for 30 days be intentionally kind to someone you dislike? What would doing so look like for you, and what would you expect the outcome to be?

Roundtable: I’m Not Flirting

It’s so frustrating. You’re just trying to be friendly, and he or she thinks you’re flirting. Or you’re hoping to show interest, but it’s interpreted as being merely outgoing. How can you win? Our panel discusses the nuances of plain old kindness versus flirtation, and how to navigate the tricky relational waters of friendship with the opposite sex.   

Culture: Give Kindness a Chance

What’s the best way to deal with the people you just can’t stand? It’s to avoid them, right? Or maybe hurt them like they’ve hurt you? Not according to Shaunti Feldahn, author of “The Kindness Challenge.” She throws down the gauntlet by telling us to take 30 days to overwhelm our enemies with kindness and then see what God does in our hearts and those relationships. She gives us a sneak peek at the challenge (which you can take right here) in this interview.

Inbox: Friends With the Option for More

Our listener wants to be friends with the opposite sex in order to get to know their character. But how can this be done without ultimately putting someone in the friend zone? Can you keep your options open? Lisa Anderson offers advice.

Music: Love and the Outcome