The People of Pursuit 2014: Episode 332

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Question for discussion:

What’s your view on cuddling with the opposite sex? OK? Never? It depends? How did you come to this conclusion?

Roundtable: Why Are You Coming?

We have 41 states and five countries (so far) represented at Pursuit 2014. But who’s actually coming? Where are they from, and why are they making this first-ever Boundless weekend event a priority? Lisa talks to four Pursuit registrants who are ready to descend upon Colorado in August, and they want you to join them.

 Top: Allyson and Armando, Bottom: Ross and Melissa

Culture: Single Is Good; Married Is Good

Sometimes it seems like you have to choose one or the other. Is it better to be married or single? What does the Bible say? Dr. J. Robin Maxson breaks it down in his book “I Do” or Do I? and gives us practical tips for navigating seasonal or life-long singleness as well as a healthy path to marriage.

Inbox: The Cuddling Couple

When she’s at his place, they cuddle — in bed. But she claims that’s all they do. Is that really a bad thing? Counselor Diane Mhoon offers advice.