Will He Call?: Episode 278

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Roundtable: The Elusive Second Date

Well, you went out once. No biggie. But the next step is a second date, and that can be tricky. Did you like her — enough? Is there potential? Do you think he’ll call? Whether you’re a guy or girl, navigating the second date decision can seem harder than crafting a thesis paper, and the assumptions, fears, hopes and disappointments can at times be too much to bear. Not to mention that not getting a second date can feel like another round of rejection. This week’s guests share their opinions on asking for, responding to, evading and turning down a second date.

Culture: Beyond Boundaries

Psychologist Dr. John Townsend knows relationships, and he knows boundaries. But when you’ve been hurt by someone, can you learn to love and trust again? It’s possible, says Dr. Townsend in his book Beyond Boundaries. I sit down with him for a talk on staying sane through the ups, downs, backwards and forwards of choosing to love and live in a healthy way.

Inbox: I Have an STD

She has an STD. Does this limit her dating and marriage options? When she does date, how much about her situation does she need to share, and when? Counselor Cynthia Dervaes has some suggestions.