Winner of ROCK THE BODY 2013

 Lisa and I are pleased to announce the winner of ROCK THE BODY 2013 — Corey Ressler from Longview, Texas! He and his friend Eric will be attending PASSION 2014 in Atlanta early next year. Along with completing the five weekly tasks, Corey submitted this winning essay about his greatest takeaways from the challenge:

“There are two things I have learned from this project. The first is the importance of serving in the church. I had served in the church off and on, but I had never really seen the importance of serving. I had felt like my serving didn’t really matter and subsequently quit for two years. I realized during ROCK THE BODY and a sermon my pastor brought about the importance of the younger and older generations in the church. As a result, I joined the Sunday morning greeters at our church, of which I am the only person without grey hair. The second thing I have learned is the importance of tithing. Previously my giving was hit or miss. I was very reluctant to give because I thought I needed every penny I made. I found that I could adjust my food budget and give more. I was worried about this at first because I feed many people at my house and viewed that as a substitute for giving to the church. I have found that rice and beans as very tasty and hosting doesn’t need to be elaborate.” 

Lisa will interview Corey on the podcast next week as we also share the results of the ROCK THE BODY survey and stories from other participants. Be sure to listen in Oct. 17!

Second-place winners include:

Raylene Werzinski from Squaw Valley, Calif.

Samantha Clanney from Georgetown, Ky.

Joy Welborn from Flower Mound, Texas

Third-place winners include:

Steph Edwards from Elizabeth, Pa.

Lindsay Blackburn from Billings, Mont.

Meredith Lashley from Fallston, Md.

Harry Jean-Baptiste from San Antonio, Texas

Joni Yang from San Jacinto, Calif.

Erica Pridey from Colorado Springs, Colo.

Melissa Carlson from Naperville, Ill.

Michael Dolan from San Jose, Calif.

Nmeli Anene from Durham, N.C.

Katrece Small from Edmond, Okla.