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wooden manger with tattered cloth on black background

Bullets and Black Eyes at the Manger

Dec 25, 2017|George Halitzka

The inner city feels like a war zone, even at Christmas. How could I or my students hope to find peace?

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young man holding bible sitting on concrete church floor with eyes closed

Giving Church a Second Chance

Oct 30, 2017|Lindsey Boulais

What to do when you're not fitting in or finding your place at church.

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raised hands of different ethnicities

How to Defend Your Faith Without Being a Jerk

Jun 19, 2017|Drew Dyck

Sometimes it's not what you say, but how you say it.

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woman holding african orphan

The Biblical Woman: Sidelined Dispensable or Necessary Sustainer?

Feb 13, 2017|Juli Cooper

Society can send a message that women are "less than," but God's created order says something entirely different.

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Tree with roots

The Mission Field Next Door

Mar 14, 2016|Alan Briggs

Jesus said, "Go into all the world..." But what if putting down roots is more important than we think?

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Two young adult millennial men talking in a coffee shop

Are You a Friend of Sinners?

Dec 14, 2015|Candice Gage

What does it mean to be a friend of sinners?

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So You Want to Start a Young Adult Ministry

So You Want to Start a Young Adult Ministry

Jul 20, 2015|John Greco

Making disciples — whatever their marital status — happens when we walk in the footsteps of Jesus.

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Mission: USA

Mission USA

May 25, 2015|Candice Gage

Is the United States a Christian nation or a nation in need of Christ?

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Empathy: A Hard-Won Gift

Empathy: A Hard-Won Gift

Aug 11, 2014|Emily Downs

What better way to represent our Lord and serve others than with the gift of empathy?

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How to Fight Like a Christian

How to Fight Like a Christian

Conflict among believers may be inevitable, but fighting dirty is not.

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Be Fruitful

Be Fruitful

Marketers want you to consume. Christ asks you to produce.

Every Man a Father

Every Man a Father

Sep 30, 2013|Daniel Weiss

Why spiritual maturity requires even single men to develop the heart of a father

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A woman carrying a basket of cookies

Identifying Your Spiritual Gifts Is Not as Important as You Think

Sep 09, 2013|Carolyn McCulley

If you don't know what your gifts are, maybe the best question to ask yourself is, 'How can I love those around me?'

Church Mess

Church Mess

Aug 26, 2013|Aaron Stern

When we find mess in the church, our ideals are shattered and our hearts broken. Where's the hope?

Chivalry Is Not Dead

Chivalry Is Not Dead

Jul 22, 2013|Zach Hunter

Maybe you're looking in the wrong place, or maybe it's not what you expected.

Upside-Down Leadership

Upside-Down Leadership

Jul 15, 2013|John Greco

Listen and learn what the Bible has to say about true kingdom greatness.

Leave Your Average Life Behind

Leave Your Average Life Behind

Jun 10, 2013|Dustin Neeley

Make the most of this unique season as a young man seeking to live for Jesus. Get off the couch and in the game.

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Sharing Jesus on the Job

Sharing Jesus on the Job

Mar 06, 2013|Dustin Neeley

How to become more effective in fulfilling the "Great Commission" in the important and strategic workplace environment

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I’m No Rock Star

Jan 16, 2013|Janel Breitenstein

Help when reality seems a whole lot smaller than your dreams

people viewing the mona lisa

Isn't She Beautiful?

Dec 13, 2012|Dustin Neeley

Stop tearing down the bride of Christ, and start to appreciate and proclaim her beauty.

20 Ways to Mentor in Your 20s

Oct 10, 2012|Janel Breitenstein

Mentoring in your 20s means you've got energy. Wiggle room in your schedule. Fresh ideas.  And passion to fuel world change, one life at a time.

Serving in Ways Married People Can't

Serving in Ways Married People Can't

Oct 09, 2012|Dustin Neeley

Here are five suggestions for singles to leverage their unique life season for the church in a way that married people often can't.

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Memos From a Rookie Missionary

Memos From a Rookie Missionary

Jul 11, 2012|Janel Breitenstein

Missions is much like everyday life — just more uncomfortable and farther away from many people I love. Here's what I've learned after five months on the field.  

All God's Callings

Jul 06, 2012|Nathan Finn

Most Christian students are called to serve God in fields other than professional ministry. Not enough of them realize that.

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My Brother Can't Cry

Apr 18, 2012|Zach Bradford

What hope is there for those with special needs?

Young Passion

Mar 30, 2012|David Barshinger

The early evangelical movement in America and around the world was significantly impacted by a 20-something David Brainerd.

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Love the Church

Mar 28, 2012|Courtney Reissig

Do you want to do something big for Jesus?

Be a Blessing to Your Friends

How to be a close friend

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  • |Roundtable

    The Watters[26:12]

    Mar 01, 2012 | Candice Watters, Steve Watters and Martha Krienke
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Wearing Social Justice on Our Sleeves

Wearing Social Justice on Our Sleeves

Nov 02, 2011|Matthew Lee Anderson

Things to consider when 'creating awareness' around the causes we care about  

What, No Paycheck?

Oct 21, 2011|David Barshinger

You can serve God even when you don't work for Him.  

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Live Out the Gospel

Oct 19, 2011|Will Mari

Life as a graduate student provides awesome opportunities to practice living for the kingdom — now.  

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Pass It On

Apr 13, 2011|Elisabeth Adams

Hospitality: giving the gift of yourself.

My Evangelistic Checklist

Apr 01, 2011|David Barshinger

Evangelism isn't about filling a quota. It's about taking a risk and loving those who need the grace of God as much as you do.  

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  • |Roundtable

    Hip or Hype[42:10]

    Mar 31, 2011 | Thomas Voss, Aaron Stern and Doug Tharp
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  • |Roundtable

    Be a Blessing[37:01]

    Feb 24, 2011 | Dr. John Trent, Martha Krienke, Jesse Florea, Leon Wirth and Dr. Tony Wheeler
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How to Renew a City

Feb 16, 2011|Jonathan Dodson

How do we believers dwell in the city?

Sexual Slavery: Shattering the Sacred

Jan 21, 2011|Lindy Havens

In the dust and mud and pain of Cambodia, those fighting trafficking are recapturing the sanctity of life.  

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Silent Night, Lonely Night

God With Us

Bringing Christmas to others is about extending God's presence to them ... through me.  

Loving Those Who Leave

Loving Those Who Leave

Dec 15, 2010|Matthew Lee Anderson

How should Christians respond when a friend leaves the faith?  

Wait No More

Organizations and individuals are making strides in illuminating the importance of adoption.  

Mission: Internet

Mission: Internet

Oct 27, 2010|Rachel Starr Thomson

My new goal online isn't just to build a platform for myself as a writer, but to build a platform for Jesus.  

Leading Biblically: Beatitudes in Business, Part 1

Aug 04, 2010|Bruce E. Winston

Whether you're at the top or bottom of the business ladder, Scripture lays out specific and practical principles on how to make the most of the workplace.

Giving My Dinosaurs

Giving My Dinosaurs

The emerging generation gives less to God's work than any previous generation. Are we only hurting ourselves?


Taking Love Next Door

May 05, 2010|David Barshinger

Communicating your faith is not a science. The very nature of telling the message of Jesus Christ to people requires sensitivity, discernment, and variation in style.  

Dear Melissa

Mar 26, 2010|Tim Sweetman

Now, I realize I don't know you at all. But I feel like I need to write this letter because I have to confess.  

Seven Values of a Heavenly Life

Seven Values of a Heavenly Life

Feb 17, 2010|Rachel Starr Thomson

Seven values help me sort out the temporal from the eternal, and relate to both with my heart in the right place.  

Feminine Poverty

Jan 06, 2010|Carolyn McCulley

Elevating the dignity of women is not a new idea. But because men have too often been identified as the problem, the gender war has never been fully resolved.  


Dec 29, 2009|Jonathan Dodson

Redemptive cultural engagement? It happens through either redirecting or redefining cultural patterns affected by the Fall.

Abba, Joseph!

Dec 18, 2009|Russell D. Moore

The other father of Jesus teaches us a great deal about Christian mission in the 21st century.

Everett Bradley, Part 2

Sep 24, 2009|George Halitzka

Another predictably uneventful day at the nursing home. Until Everett receives an unexpected visitor.

Everett Bradley, Part 1

Sep 23, 2009|George Halitzka

Nobody expects to get old. Or useless.

Sexual Compassion

Sep 16, 2009|Gary Thomas

Jesus' truth is two-sided: love, acceptance, understanding, and compassion on one side, and calling people to faithful obedience on the other.

A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to Bible Study

A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to Bible Study

Jul 01, 2009|George Halitzka

It began as a regular Wednesday night Bible study. Then someone new knocked on the door.

Giving It Away

May 22, 2009|Todd Temple

Don't leave charity to the government.

Camp Staff Saints

Camp Staff Saints

May 15, 2009|John Thomas

If you're planning to get a job on a summer camp staff this summer, you're not joining a staff; you're joining a legacy.

The Glory of Little Things

The Glory of Little Things

Apr 17, 2009|Jason Boyett

It's fine to want to change the world by doing something powerful for God. So long as we don't miss out on the small things He has for us along the way.

Mind The Gap

Apr 16, 2009|Lauren Winner

More women than men tend to be involved in volunteering, church activities and school programs. So what?

Nothing Personal

Mar 18, 2009|Lauren Winner

Developing your personal spiritual disciplines is good, of course. But there's more to our faith than that.

When They're Gay

Feb 24, 2009|Mike Ensley

Yes, you can relate to their struggles.

Touch the Sexual Sinner

Feb 13, 2009|Mike Ensley

Our ability to redeem the sexual generation will lie in our willingness to live and love with the same kind of daring Jesus did.

Young adult woman

What I Learned From Multi-Level Marketing

I love that the Lord can use something as seemingly superficial as selling beauty products to teach me more about Himself.

Beloved Unlovely

Dec 17, 2008|Brenna Kate Simonds

How might I do a better job of loving the unlovely, people covered with the filth of sin?

The Needy Outside My Window

Dec 16, 2008|Heather Koerner

It was a good article. It had a good lesson. So why was I so irritated?

Enough to Give

Dec 03, 2008|Joe Carter

It's not the government's responsibility to care; that's our job.

Cool Compassion

Oct 31, 2008|Gary Thomas

Being a "single-issue voter" isn't cool. Of course, Christian compassion isn't about being considered "cool."

Remember the Poor, Part 2

Jesus offers us the joy of giving to others with no strings attached.

Remember the Poor, Part 1

Those with few material possessions can teach us a lot about the heart of God.

Friendship Counseling, Part 3

Oct 03, 2008|David Powlison

The psalmist shows us how to move from questions to answers.

Friendship Counseling, Part 2

Oct 02, 2008|David Powlison

The heart of ministry — cooperating with God's transformational agenda — lies at the intersection of our lives and God's Word.

Friendship Counseling, Part 1

Oct 01, 2008|David Powlison

We can change when the God of loving truth intersects some actual human need.

Upside Down

Sep 25, 2008|George Halitzka

Christ's call is to think differently, to live unexpectedly.  

The Therapeutic Gospel, Part 2

Sep 12, 2008|David Powlison

God gives good gifts. But he also gives the best gift, the inexpressible Gift of gifts.

The Therapeutic Gospel, Part 1

Sep 11, 2008|David Powlison

In the therapeutic gospel, my deepest problems are merely limited to what has happened to me.

Paint the Light

Aug 19, 2008|Rachel Starr Thomson

The world is dark, and we are needed.

The Freak Out Club

Aug 15, 2008|Stephen Altrogge

If it doesn't really matter what they think of you, the possibilities are endless.  

Useful Christian

Useful Christian

Sometimes doing what you can is more important than what you can do.  

Hear the Weeping

Aug 08, 2008|George Halitzka

Among those who hurt others, and who themselves hurt, there are few easy answers. That, of course, is no reason to remain aloof from their pain.

No Little People

Aug 06, 2008|Tim Sweetman

If the Lord can be glorified through a humble stick of wood, surely He can be glorified through a humble you.

Leading Biblically: Where Peace Can Happen, Part 8

Jun 20, 2008|Bruce E. Winston

Blessed are the peacemakers for they shall be called the children of God.

Leading Biblically: Be Pure Hearted, Part 7

May 29, 2008|Bruce E. Winston

Blessed are the pure in heart for they shall see God.

Leading Biblically: Be Merciful, Part 6

May 08, 2008|Bruce E. Winston

Even in business, blessed are the merciful ... for they shall obtain mercy.

v. Culture

Apr 16, 2008|Jonathan Dodson

It's much easier to take a side in the culture wars than to critically or redemptively engage the issues we fight over. How, then, do we engage culture Christianly?  

Do Hard Things

Apr 15, 2008|Brett Harris

We are like eggs. And we cannot go on indefinitely being just an ordinary, decent egg. We must be hatched or go bad.

Leading Biblically: Seek What's Right, Part 5

Apr 03, 2008|Bruce E. Winston

Blessed are those who hunger and thirst for righteousness, for they shall be satisfied.

Serving Those Who Serve Overseas

Mar 25, 2008|Krishana Kraft

Chances are you have a friend in missions. But do you know what they need from you?

Leading Biblically: Controlled Discipline, Part 4

Feb 26, 2008|Bruce E. Winston

The meek shall indeed inherit the earth.

Precious Dying

Feb 14, 2008|Joe Carter

Being pro-life requires that we remind those who are nearing the end that it is good that they exist.

Missional Discipleship: Reinterpreting the Great Commission

Feb 12, 2008|Jonathan Dodson

We're called not to mere soul-winning, but to distinctive discipleship.

'I Want to Eat Your Soul'

Feb 07, 2008|Eric Simmons

Living large means making the most of awkward encounters. Like when someone tells you they want to eat your soul.

The Spirit of Combat

Feb 05, 2008|Matt Kaufman

You can contend for a good cause with a bad attitude. I sure have.

Meeting God in the Saloon

Jan 31, 2008|Eric Simmons

Unexpected inconveniences could actually be opportunities ordained by God.

Leading Biblically: Good Mourning, Part 3

Jan 29, 2008|Bruce E. Winston

The second Beatitude — "Blessed are those who mourn, for they shall be comforted" — provides a key business and leadership principle.

Leading Biblically: Walk Humbly, Part 2

Jan 09, 2008|Bruce E. Winston

Being listened to is so close to being loved that most people cannot tell the difference.

I Am "The Rich"

Jan 03, 2008|Heather Koerner

And you probably are too.

Godless People

The people surrounding you aren't the enemy; they're just looking for someone who really sees them.

Shattering Christian Stereotypes

Mar 08, 2007|David Barshinger

How do we Christians respond to charges of being heartless, anti-science, even enemies of progress?

Mentor Series: Fearless, Effective Evangelism

Let love swallow your fears and go for it.

Boundary Issues

For years we have been encouraged to set boundaries. But what happens when God demands the opposite?

Blogging: The History and the Spirit

Aug 31, 2006|Ben Domenech

At a time when electronic communication leaves us increasingly cynical and skeptical, blogs can free us to communicate in a surprisingly personal way.

Blog Responsibly

Graceless conversation is commonplace in the blogosphere. Believers need to change that.

Blogging to Worship God

Aug 31, 2006|Bob Kauflin

Scripture says, "Whether you eat or drink, or whatever you do, do all to the glory of God." Can that include blogging?

The Impatient Evangelist

"Lifestyle Evangelism" is not sufficient. But neither is pushing to "close the deal."

The Wrong Question

Jun 08, 2006|J. Budziszewski

It's not always best to answer the questions people ask. Sometimes it's better to answer the questions they mean.

Letter to a Christmas Christian

Dec 22, 2005|Matt Kaufman

You've known them — people who only step through the doors of a church on a holiday. Ever wonder what to say to them? Here's one writer's idea.

Daring Discipleship

Getting into someone’s life can be messy, but mentoring provides a front row seat to God’s redeeming power.

Learning to Lead

Learning to Lead

Apr 21, 2005|Marshall Allen

It's about a lot more than getting out in front of a group of people and shouting "follow me!"


Apr 15, 2004|J. Budziszewski

Prof Theo talks about calling, zeal and service.

3 Mysterious Words

Sep 25, 2003|Steve Shadrach

Explaining the Gospel to seminary students and 5 year olds

Warehouse Evangelism

May 15, 2003|Holly L. Hudson

A dismal-looking summer job turns into a blessing.

Speaking for Your Faith in the Classroom

Speaking for Your Faith in the Classroom

Feb 27, 2003|Marshall Allen

How do you convey your faith to people who don’t share it? Depends on the circumstances.

Shock Therapy Discipleship

Oct 10, 2002|Steve Shadrach

Three secrets from the Buzz Underwood files.

The Unlikely Evangelist

Mar 28, 2002|Gina R. Dalfonzo

Jesus was for real. The challenge, for playright Dorothy Sayers, was to show that to her audience.

Lighting Up Your Campus

Feb 14, 2002|Sara Eggers

It's hard to stand alone under the glare of a hostile professor. But you'd be surprised the influence you may have.

Thoughts from New York

Sep 20, 2001|Lauren Winner

The church need not be brashly evangelistic right after a terrorist attack, but if we want to comfort the bereaved, we have to comfort in Jesus.

Ash Wednesday Evangelism

Ash Wednesday Evangelism

Mar 07, 2001|Lauren Winner

Suddenly my private faith had a public face.

My Spiritual Root Canal

My Spiritual Root Canal

Oct 25, 2000|Joshua Rogers

Waking to the sound of 12 boisterous children, suddenly my summer abroad wasn't the romantic picture I had painted.

The Day the Hippies Took Over

Jun 15, 2000|Jill Olson

Once Digger and Butterfingers started coming to church barefoot, Vacation Bible School was never the same.

Escaping the Christian Cloister

Feb 16, 2000|John D. Martin

The name of the game on many college campuses is friendship evangelism. The problem is that in most cases we settle for too much friendship and too little evangelism.

Mission-Driven Adventures

Jan 05, 2000|Laurel Robinson

Why not plan ahead for a summer of adventure that also has a noble purpose?

Have We Missed the Gospel at Christmas?

Jan 01, 0001|John Greco

We run the risk of telling people that Christmas is about Jesus' birth but miss the chance to tell them why His birth matters.

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