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a shepherd with his sheep

Can I Trust That God Is Good?

Jun 11, 2018|John Greco

How knowing the Good Shepherd changes everything.

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woman standing in dark with shadow of light on her face

What You Keep in the Dark

Jun 04, 2018|Carolyn McCulley

Hiding sin keeps us in our own bondage. It's time to step into the light.

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woman standing in cave looking out at the world

I Am Limited, but God Is Not

May 14, 2018|Courtney Reissig

A brush with death exposed my weakness and limitations — and pushed me to run to God, the only one who can sustain me.

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winding road

God's Will Is Not a Mystery

Mar 05, 2018|Jessica Swanda

I realized it wasn’t my responsibility to find God’s will. Rather, God would lovingly bring me to it.

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man with backpack and ballcap staring up at the sky

9 Ridiculously Practical Ways to Cultivate a Life of Wisdom

Feb 19, 2018|J.R. Briggs

The pursuit of wisdom is a valuable, worthy endeavor, and ridiculously practical steps taken regularly can develop wisdom in your life.

side profile of woman staring at landscape

Rewire Your Brain to Fight Anxiety

Jan 15, 2018|Carolyn McCulley

Training our brains to battle anxiety through minor troubles develops emotional stamina to endure harder times.

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darkened theater with red velvet seats

The Year Faith-Centered Films Got Good

Dec 18, 2017|Josh M. Shepherd

This year, even Hollywood critics noticed a rising standard among faith-centric films. Here are nine Christian movies worth watching.

snobbish businessman with crown on head

The Sin of Self-Salvation

Nov 27, 2017|Juli Cooper

When it feels like you're doing everything right, be careful. Self-righteousness may be crouching at your door.

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woman walking away on train tracks carrying suitcase

How to Lose Your Faith in 4 Easy Steps

Sep 25, 2017|Josh M. Shepherd

As we see in the parable of the sower and the seed, not all soil is the same. Why does faith stick in some cases and seem to slip away in others?

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hipster man writing on chalkboard with long formula

Forget the Christian Formula

Sep 18, 2017|Eric Demeter

I used to think that certain behaviors would qualify me for God's blessings. Then I discovered true success is based on a person, not a procedure.

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jesus laughing with children gathered around him

The Jesus We Need to Know

Sep 04, 2017|John Greco

If the point of the Gospels is to show us the heart of the Son of God, maybe it's time to take a closer look.

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tandem skydivers falling through air

Giving Up Control

Aug 28, 2017|Krishana Kraft

All my life I had achieved each goal I made for myself. Now I had to learn to let go.

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girl huddled alone with head on knees crying

Faith in Crisis

Jul 31, 2017|Elisabeth Adams

Spiraling down into suffering, I questioned God's goodness – and how I'd survive.

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bored girl lying on sofa

Busting Spiritual Boredom

May 29, 2017|Eric Demeter

Bored with your faith? Here's how to get out of the rut.

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facade of building with scaffolding

Shedding the Façade of Shame

Apr 17, 2017|Lindsey Boulais

Vulnerability may be scary, but it's a necessary step in pushing past fear to authentic connection.

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man on rock looking at sunset

5 Things I Learned From Living With an Incurable Illness

Apr 10, 2017|Joshua Rogers

What I wish someone had told me when I found out I was sick and couldn't do anything to fix it.

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girl in pond with only eyes above water

4 Spiritual Truths to Fight Anxiety

Mar 20, 2017|Christel Humfrey

The Bible has more to say about anxiety than most people realize. If worry is wrecking your life, here are four spiritual truths to fight back with.

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pearl on rocks

How to Live an Uncomfortable Life

Feb 20, 2017|Michelle Plett

I kept finding myself in uncomfortable situations. Then I realized there might be a purpose behind it.

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Lonely man sitting on a bench

When God Disappoints You

Feb 06, 2017|Chris Crane

A failed relationship felt like a slap in the face from God, but I had a lot to learn.

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yellow stop light

So Grateful God Made Me Wait

Jan 16, 2017|Joshua Rogers

I grieved God's seeming resistance to my repeated requests. I never expected that I would one day be grateful for the wait.

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Skip the New Year’s Resolutions—Think About Death Instead

Jan 09, 2017|Rory Tyer

What living next to a cemetery taught me about the reality of death.

An old television in an empty room.

What Do Your TV Habits Say About You?

I think it's safe to say that we like our TV. And it goes deeper than entertainment. We identify with our shows; they represent us and become part of who we are.

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Living Well With Unsatisfied Longings

Dec 05, 2016|Laura Captari

We don't have to live at the whim of our longings, nor must we disown them.

weathered tombstone with RIP

5 Christian Clichés That Need to Die

Nov 28, 2016|Matt Smethurst

Sometimes, in our desire to simplify truth, we can trivialize and even obscure it. And to obscure the truth is to tell a lie.

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A man sitting alone on a bench in front of a river

My Marriage Fell Apart, but God Is Still Good

Oct 24, 2016|Laura Captari

God doesn't promise us a certain outcome; He promises us himself.

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The back of a woman profiled against the sky

Depression Feels Like

Sep 12, 2016|Anna Allen

Anything — or everything — or nothing at all.

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Man sitting in a church with stained glass

Church-Avoiding Singles: It’s Time to Rally

Aug 22, 2016|Beth Booram

Going to church by yourself can be exhausting and difficult, but it's worth it.

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A man sitting on a bench with his head in his hands.

Men, Shame Has No Place In Your Accountability Group

Aug 08, 2016|Krispin Mayfield

When we talk about porn in the broad light of day we demonstrate in a concrete way that we truly believe God’s grace is enough.

Woman staring into a dirty, smudged mirror

Why You Should Stop Being Yourself

Jul 25, 2016|Alan Noble

Telling people to be themselves is wonderful advice... unless they actually try to take it.

A picture of the roots of a tree

Honor Your Roots

Jul 05, 2016|Christy Chichester

How to follow in the footsteps of those who came before us.

Church roof and sky

What Your Church Leaders Wished You Knew

Jun 20, 2016|Benjamin Bartlett

You can make choices that will leave you fulfilled, happy, proud, successful, and God-honoring. Except it doesn't always work out that way.

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Distressed young adult man

Will You Accept What God Gives?

May 09, 2016|Meredith Whitmore

Learning how to trust His plan when you don't like the answers.

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Young adult couple having problems

5 Signs That It’s Time to Look for a Counselor

Apr 25, 2016|Danny Huerta

When life kicks you, it's easy to become disoriented. Counseling is simply a way of pressing the "reset button."

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worship service

The Year I Learned to Worship

Apr 04, 2016|Michelle Plett

That night I decided that if I was going to worship, I would do it with all my heart.

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Young adult woman through a window

I Am Not Invisible

Mar 07, 2016|Kirsten Lamb

Looking back, my darkest seasons of life have all had one thing in common: I didn’t feel seen.

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Why Commit to a Local Church?

Why Commit to a Local Church?

Sep 14, 2015|Kevin Harney

Seven reasons we should all be part of a congregation of Christian believers

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The Secret to Reaching Your Full Potential

The Secret to Reaching Your Full Potential

Aug 03, 2015|Candice Watters

Have you bought into society's message to be the best you can be?

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How to Find True Contentment

How to Find True Contentment

Jun 22, 2015|Andrew Hess

Four ways to be content in all things

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How to Change Your Devotional Experience Forever

How to Change Your Devotional Experience Forever

Apr 20, 2015|Denise Morris Snyder

Reading the Bible as a whole and in community opened my eyes to the importance of God's big story.

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Rekindle the Wonder of Christmas

Rekindle the Wonder of Christmas

Dec 22, 2014|Matt Ehresman

Add a new tradition to your Christmas routine.

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Arrows painted on a wooden background

Trust God, and Do What You Want

Dec 08, 2014|Dane Ortlund

When facing a major life decision, ask these three basic questions to know how to proceed.

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Why I Quit Church Services (and Then Came Back)

Why I Quit Church Services (and Then Came Back)

Dec 01, 2014|Joshua Rogers

Going to church on Sunday mornings seemed pointless, until I discovered the family of God at work.

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The Beginning of Wisdom

The Beginning of Wisdom

Sep 22, 2014|Andy Stanley

Wisdom begins with a proper understanding of who God is and who we are not.

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How to Love God With Your Mind

How to Love God With Your Mind

Aug 25, 2014|Candice Watters

A review of Jen Wilkin's 'Women of the Word'

Hope Returns

Hope Returns

Aug 18, 2014|Susie Shellenberger

When everything falls apart, it's not the end.

Freedom From Shame, Strength in Vulnerability

Freedom From Shame, Strength in Vulnerability

Aug 04, 2014|Eric Demeter

When we embrace wholeness through dependency on Christ, we glorify Him.

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What's All This 'Gospel-Centered' Talk About?

What's All This 'Gospel-Centered' Talk About?

Jul 14, 2014|Dane Ortlund

The Gospel is not only the gateway into the Christian life, but the pathway of the Christian life.

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Not According to Plan

Not According to Plan

Jun 30, 2014|Candice Watters

What will you do when your life pivots in ways you didn't anticipate?

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Spiritual Formation Happens, Part 2

Spiritual Formation Happens, Part 2

Mar 31, 2014|Jimmy Davis

Does practicing spiritual disciplines really matter?

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Spiritual Formation Happens, Part 1

Spiritual Formation Happens, Part 1

Mar 24, 2014|Jimmy Davis

We don't practice spiritual disciplines to get God to love us, but to hear Him say it.

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A man holding a dollar bill

The Biggest Financial Mistake

Mar 10, 2014|John Greco

How to follow all the rules but miss what matters most

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Growing Up in Church

Growing Up in Church

Feb 17, 2014|Daniel Darling

Four possible reasons why we didn't hear what we wanted to hear from our childhood pastors

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Dirty Hands Aren't Sinful

Dirty Hands Aren't Sinful

Dec 30, 2013|Maria Baer

How we make sinful mountains out of amoral molehills

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Christmas Changes Everything

Christmas Changes Everything

Dec 23, 2013|John Greco

Jesus didn't quite get engaged on Christmas, but He did begin the engagement process.

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A Love Story

A Love Story

Nov 18, 2013|Candice Gage

When I was a little girl, I asked God to write my love story. Instead, He has written me into something much greater.

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Your Pastor Needs YOU!

Your Pastor Needs YOU!

Sep 23, 2013|Dave Kraft

Six ideas on how you can stand behind and alongside of your church's pastor and leaders

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6 Ways to Get More Out of Your Small Group

6 Ways to Get More Out of Your Small Group

Your experience with your small group has a lot to do with you.

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Do You 'Really' Know Him?

Do You 'Really' Know Him?

Apr 29, 2013|Susie Shellenberger

It's possible to call yourself a Christian and not be one.

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Failed Disciple

Failed Disciple

Mar 01, 2013|Jonathan Dodson

Making disciples requires not only sharing my faith, but also sharing my life. With all its failures and successes, all its disobedience and obedience.

God's Perfect Plan for Your Life

God's Perfect Plan for Your Life

Feb 27, 2013|John Greco

Is it possible that what we're really after is not God's will at all, but only His good gifts?

Already Not Yet

There are moments when I feel like two different people.

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Joy Elusive

I want to walk in God-given joy, but how? As I searched Scripture for the answer, I discovered that joy isn't always found in expected places.

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Man staring into the distance

The Dangers Men Are Facing

Nov 05, 2012|Andrew Hess

If it wasn't for J.C. Ryle's straightforward advice in 'Thoughts for Young Men,' I might have made some big mistakes.

An American flag flapping in the wind

What Matters Most in Our Politics

Oct 11, 2012|John Greco

Our political system doesn't really speak of love; it's more akin to a battle.

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Christianity in the Marketplace of Ideas

Aug 13, 2012|Douglas Groothuis

Sometimes Christians are ill-equipped for debates about our faith. See how the Apostle Paul was able to challenge people's beliefs without running them away.

Reading Rules

Aug 02, 2012

Just because you're out of school doesn't mean you're done learning and discovering. Follow these six reading rules to help make books teach you well.

The Other Son

Have you ever felt like all the good stuff goes to the undeserving? You're not alone.

Salmon sandwich on a plate

Eating as an Act of Worship

Jul 24, 2012|Candice Watters

In our culture it's praiseworthy to obsess over food, but I believe this is at odds with the way God designed us to relate to food. Here's why.

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Free Your Enemy

Jun 15, 2012|Jenny Schroedel

Though often cheesy, some church signs include profound truths. This one included profound truth.

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What Are Women to Make of Beauty?

May 23, 2012|Candice Watters

Beauty is good and comes from the Lord. But apart from God, it turns ugly. Get a balanced perspective of what is beautiful and let His beauty shine through you.

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The Three Kinds of Humility Every Guy Needs

May 16, 2012|Jason Boyett

Have trouble putting others before yourself? Think you have your theology all figured out? Ever try to make yourself look good in front of others? If you answered "yes" to any of those questions, then this article is for you.

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My Brother's Keeper

Apr 20, 2012|Elisabeth Adams

When it comes to molding me, the Lord has made the most of all seven of my siblings.

Faithful to the End

Apr 11, 2012|Tim Sweetman

God is looking for a multitude of faithful, risk-taking plodders.

It's My Fault

Apr 05, 2012|David Barshinger

When we call sin what it really is, we can embrace truth, and life can spring again.

The Monster Within

Apr 04, 2012|George Halitzka

Think you don’t understand why people commit heinous sins? Think again.

Wanted: Tough Christians

Feb 29, 2012|Gary Thomas

This is not a generation in which weak Christians will do well.

How to Get the Men Back

Feb 01, 2012|David Murrow

Tips on how churches can win their young men back – and the role single women can play in that revival

Cultivating Men

Jan 27, 2012|Roberto Rivera y Carlo

The story of civilization is the story of how men's hearts were turned toward home.

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20+C+M+B+06: An Epiphany

Jan 06, 2012|Lauren Winner

Epiphany provides grown-ups a child-like opportunity to scribble on doors with chalk.

Stop Reading Your Bible

Dec 28, 2011|Tim Sweetman

And start understanding it.  


Miracle in Jerusalem

Dec 22, 2011|Elisabeth Adams

Pause. And calmly think of this.  

God's Purpose for Christmas

Dec 21, 2011|Alex Chediak

What exactly are we celebrating?  

The Heart is a Hub

Dec 01, 2011|Andy Stanley

Everything we experience is processed through our hearts, the good and the bad.  

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The Best Way to Live

Nov 25, 2011|Kara Schwab

What's the one thing you like most about the people you most like?  

Sin: An Honest Mistake?

Nov 11, 2011|Kirk Cameron

God is not a lovesick celestial being, hoping for some nice person to ask Him into their heart so He can make them happy — as though He has a man-shaped hole in His heart that only we can fill.  

Script or Scripture: Where's Your Trust?

Nov 09, 2011|Steve Watters

Put your trust in the Word that became flesh and is trustworthy and true.  

Telling Secrets

Oct 28, 2011|Jenny Schroedel

It's only when we choose to bring our secrets out into the light that healing can begin.  

What's Your Secret?

Oct 27, 2011|Aaron Stern

Using confession to reach wholeness of heart and wholeness of relationship  

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Podcast Image

From Despair to Dawn

Sep 23, 2011|Jenny Schroedel

There's a place so lonely, so frightening, it's closer to hope than you can imagine.  

When Life's Unfair

Sep 21, 2011|Alex Chediak

The book of Ecclesiastes is an honest response to the painful reality that life sometimes feels out of control, cruelly random and meaningless.  

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The Unity Fact

Aug 10, 2011|Rachel Starr Thomson

Christian unity isn’t something we have to achieve. It already is.  

The Secret Assault

Aug 09, 2011|Gary Thomas

When so many of the writers of the Christian classics tell us to "be careful" with gluttony, we would be wise to pay heed.  

Question Authority

Question Authority

Aug 05, 2011|Thabiti Anyabwile

Parental authority. Civil authority. A husband's authority. Pastoral authority. What is authority, anyway?  

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My Ugly Blind Spot

My Ugly Blind Spot

Sometimes it takes a friend's difficult words to help us recognize and deal with hidden sins in our lives.  

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What Are You Looking At?

Jul 22, 2011|David Barshinger

With all the distractions knocking at our door, we need to discipline ourselves to center our perspective on the Triune God.  

Wild Geese in the City

Jul 20, 2011|Rachel Starr Thomson

Plunge into the wider world God created and said was good  

Surprised by Grace

Jul 08, 2011|David Barshinger

A free computer hints at a too-often-overlooked grace greater than we can imagine.  

Ancient Wow

Jul 07, 2011|Gary Thomas

Adding the literary equivalent of a musical hit collection to your devotional reading  

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The Star Chamber

Jul 06, 2011|George Halitzka

A short fiction story about grace and forgiveness  

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Beyond Curious George

Jun 08, 2011|Steve Watters

It’s easy to believe that life has more to do with good or bad luck than having a connection to what you do or don't do.  

Beauty and the Beastly Heart

Jun 03, 2011|Kara Schwab

We're so much more than our faces and bodies. But is what's beneath our skin any better looking?  

The Art of Social Grace

Jun 02, 2011|Leslie Ludy

Showcasing selfless beauty in everyday life  

Like a Roaring Lion

May 25, 2011|Steve Watters

Understanding the enemy in your life story  

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Still Praying in the Wilderness

May 04, 2011|Rachel Starr Thomson

Will you keep trusting God even when He seems distant?  

The Master Humbler

Apr 22, 2011|Matt Kaufman

Feeling pretty pleased with yourself? Meet someone who'll change that — a voice from beyond the grave.  

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Who's Calling?

Apr 08, 2011|J. Budziszewski

A little advice on finding God’s will.  

Your Will Done Your Way

Do I really believe that God’s will is “good, pleasing and perfect?”

All These Years Later: Understanding My Faith

Mar 30, 2011|Candice Watters

A review of Don't Call It a Comeback, Kevin DeYoung, editor  

Living Well in Exile

Mar 09, 2011|Rachel Starr Thomson

We're in a world where we don’t belong.  

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Podcast Image
Kitchen-Table Bible Scholar

Kitchen-Table Bible Scholar

Feb 23, 2011|Rachel Starr Thomson

Serious personal Bible study is both less intimidating than it sounds and more challenging than you might expect.  

The Beautiful Fight

Jan 28, 2011|Gary Thomas

"Not falling" is not the goal of a spiritual warrior's vocation. It's only the means.  

Podcast Image

A Drive Across Kansas

Jan 25, 2011|Tim Sweetman

Trusting God no matter your circumstances  

Fear and Trembling

Jan 18, 2011|Rachel Starr Thomson

You are so precious to Someone that He willingly laid down His life for you.  

Podcast Image

Subversive Jesus and His Trojan Horse

Jan 07, 2011|Glenn Packiam

What if Jesus has a different goal for my life than I do?  

Awesome Miracle

Jan 05, 2011|George Halitzka

Coming to grips with being "fearfully and wonderfully made."  

Venti Blessings

Dec 17, 2010|Krishana Kraft

A full cup reminds us of God's goodness. And how we have a difficult time accepting His gifts.  

Driving Immanuel

Dec 10, 2010|John Thomas

A particular group of shepherds was stunned by a divine encounter some two millennia ago. One motorist was perhaps only slightly less startled when Immanuel showed up as he was traveling I-40.  

Organic Christianity: Living for God Naturally

Dec 08, 2010|Jennifer E. Jones

Everywhere you look, people are inching towards organic eating and living. Faith should be the same way.  

Minding Our Media

Dec 03, 2010|Carolyn McCulley

Is it possible to "keep your heart with all vigilance" when it comes to our entertainment choices?  

Generation Ex-Christian

Dec 01, 2010|Candice Watters

Boundless author's book is about understanding and rescuing those who once were found but now are lost.  



Nov 24, 2010|David Barshinger

I must always be unsatisfied with my progress in holiness, but satisfied with God's sufficient grace.  

Keeping the Faith at a Christian University, Part 2

Oct 13, 2010|Matthew Lee Anderson

While college is a time for questioning, it's not a time for doubt — at least not the way we generally think about it.  

Keeping the Faith at a Christian University, Part 1

Oct 06, 2010|Matthew Lee Anderson

In a Christian college, it's easy to let the environment do the spiritual heavy lifting. It did for me.  

Podcast Image

Kamikaze at my Back

Aug 11, 2010|George Halitzka

Oppressive gray meets divine torrent.  

Vocabulary of Grace

Aug 10, 2010|Rachel Starr Thomson

A simple switch in vocabulary can trigger a profound difference in attitude.  

Sane Faith, Part 1

Aug 05, 2010|David Powlison

In this first article of a three-part series, the editor of "The Journal of Biblical Counseling" introduces a Scriptural approach to therapy and counseling.

Now a Creationist

Aug 03, 2010

How does someone with an essentially secular upbringing and secular education become a staunch supporter of biblical creation?  

The Search for Security

Jul 23, 2010|David Barshinger

Good insurance and financial planning offer a degree of security. But true security is found elsewhere.  

You Made Me Sin

Jul 13, 2010|Carolyn McCulley

Difficult times simply reveal what's taken root in our heart. When pressed, we either ooze the fruit of the Spirit or the fruit of sin.  

Office Hours: Girlie Christianity, Part 2

Jul 02, 2010|J. Budziszewski

So, what can be done about these "girlie" churches?  

Reprove Me

Jun 30, 2010|Elisabeth Adams

If you want to succeed, you've got to accept criticism.  

Sweet Talk

What comes out of our mouths reveals what's in our hearts.  

The Zombies of Generation Y

Jun 23, 2010|Sarah Pride

We walk among the living dead.  

When the Miracle Doesn't Happen

Jun 18, 2010|George Halitzka

When the miracle doesn't come in time, there's something profoundly comforting about knowing we serve a God who weeps.  

Radical: Beginning at the End of Ourselves

Jun 15, 2010|David Platt

While the goal of the American dream is to make much of us, the goal of the gospel is to make much of God.  

Office Hours: Girlie Christianity, Part 1

Jun 11, 2010|J. Budziszewski

Has the church become too effeminate? By becoming so "cute," has it become irrelevant to men?  

Life Between the Holidays

Life Between the Holidays

Jun 10, 2010|Rachel Starr Thomson

Every day is significant. Every day is sacred.  

Taming the Tongue

Taming the Tongue

Jun 09, 2010|Chuck Holton

Foul-mouthed language, all around us — we either use it ourselves or just try to ignore it. Bad move either way.  

Miracles Happen

Jun 08, 2010|George Halitzka

God created natural laws for a reason and doesn't violate them lightly. But, sometimes, He does violate them.  

Praying for the Impossible

Praying for the Impossible

Jun 04, 2010|Elisabeth Adams

Praying for the impossible is not a test of my imagination; it's a test of my faith.  

A Place Between Places

May 28, 2010|Christina Holder

On the days when I feel unsettled and isolated and like I don't fit, I reflect on the truth and hope of heaven.  

King of the Wild Things

May 27, 2010|Rachel Starr Thomson

Sometimes the wild things rear up, threatening to make me lose my grip on reason and drive into a wild rumpus all my own.  


May 19, 2010|Rachel Starr Thomson

Destiny is for me a real thing. The forces directing it have been active for a long, long time.  

Asking Why

May 18, 2010|Kimberly Eddy

How can I trust a God who lets terrible things happen to people who love Him?  

Impossible on Purpose

May 14, 2010|Elisabeth Adams

The Lord calls you to join Him walking on the water. The next step is yours.  

Trying Patience

May 06, 2010|James Tonkowich

Why do we need patience in an instant world where most things we consider desirable are available without waiting?  

Gospel Identity: We All Have Identity Issues

Gospel Identity: We All Have Identity Issues

May 04, 2010|Jonathan Dodson

We need more than confession. We need redemption.  

Encountering Etty

Apr 28, 2010|Jenny Schroedel

In the midst of the horror of Nazi persecution, Etty Hillesum found beauty and hope and reason to be grateful. And showed that despite its tragedy and loneliness, life is beautiful.    

Still in Central Park

Apr 21, 2010|Nathan Zacharias

I woke up wishing that there were something in my heart that could provide emotional refuge in the same way the Park provides a physical refuge.  

A Savior Who Wants Us to Seek

Apr 20, 2010|Christina Holder

It's possible my emotional low was a mix of post-traumatic stress and reverse culture shock, if we're going to put a name on it.  

Healthy, Wealthy and Discontent

Apr 15, 2010|Heather Koerner

Feel like there's never enough time or money? Some experts say we're whiners. Some say we're robots. But Paul says something different.  

The Friends Who Have Gone Before

Apr 13, 2010|Christina Holder

I've tried to pay closer attention to how God may be using circumstances and people in my life to get me through tough times.  

It's OK to be Sad

Apr 06, 2010|Christina Holder

I didn't know what I "had." All I knew was that I was in one big emotional funk.  

man sitting beyond cave wall

The Resurrection According to Tom

Apr 02, 2010|George Halitzka

Jesus' death was horrible enough. Now the body was missing.

Cherish Grace

Apr 01, 2010|Carolyn McCulley

Mary Magdalene did. And as we understand our role in the crucifixion of Christ, we will too.  

Share Christ's Sufferings

Mar 31, 2010|James Tonkowich

The cross is not a magic wand.  

Beauty's Healing Touch

Mar 30, 2010|Christina Holder

The winding journey proved to be a sweet remedy for all of the pain stacked like cemented bricks inside my heart.  

Who's On First?

Mar 25, 2010|David Barshinger

My approach to God ultimately shapes my approach to other people and to this temporal world.  

Did Jesus Ever Get into an Emotional Funk?

Mar 23, 2010|Christina Holder

The week following my 30th birthday, I hit an all-time low.  

Grocery Store Joy

Mar 12, 2010|Sarah Pride

To live in fullness of joy, we live as those who are not afraid to die.  

Doubt, Part 2

Mar 10, 2010|George Halitzka

Walking through the cemetery, a thought hit me that I don't think I'd ever really contemplated before: "One day, I'll be here, too."  

Doubt, Part 1

Mar 09, 2010|George Halitzka

I was only months away from graduating from Bible college, but I had a dirty little secret: I wasn't sure God existed anymore.  

Near But Not In My Pocket

Feb 25, 2010|Joshua Harris

Sitting in the coffee shop, I watch people flash their mirror faces as they pass by the windows. And that got me thinking about theology.  

The Sacrifice of Silence

The Sacrifice of Silence

Feb 24, 2010|Laurel Robinson

It's amazing what can happen when you don't rush to speak.  

Silencing Shame

Feb 16, 2010|Jenny Schroedel

When somebody shames you, it's probably a good time to take a step back.  

Give it a Rest

Feb 05, 2010|James Tonkowich

Stressed? Maybe you need a bit of leisure. Not sure what that looks like? Read on ...  

Speak No Evil

Jan 26, 2010|Kara Schwab

It's easy to squeeze toothpaste out of the tube; near impossible to get it back in. Words are like that.  

Unanswered Prayers

Unanswered Prayers

Jan 13, 2010|David Barshinger

If you want God to answer your prayers, you need to pray the right way?  

Listening for Earthquakes

Jan 12, 2010|Sarah Pride

Like many other singles, I frequently pray for a spouse. As I pray for this spouse, I remember Thing.  

Extreme Makeover: New Year's Edition

Extreme Makeover: New Year's Edition

Six ways to start the year off right.

My Prayer Journal

Jan 07, 2010|Sarah Pride

Each year, one "me" embarks on this adventure of life anew. By the end of 365 days, she's become someone different.  

evergreens with hand-painted new year's sign

8 Spark Plugs to Start Your New Year

Dec 30, 2009|Steve Shadrach

Discover the secret meaning of "cylinder."

God Gave His Only

Dec 23, 2009|Brenna Kate Simonds

For God so loved the world that ...

God Is in the Rain

God Is in the Rain

Dec 09, 2009|Nathan Zacharias

When God seems most absent, we can be assured that He is right here.

Beauty Skin Deep

Living with acne has made clear to me the source of real beauty.

Hoping and Living: Beyond Despair

Dec 01, 2009|Roberto Rivera y Carlo

A lifetime in my skin has taught me about the intersection of beliefs, moods, and personal circumstances in my own life ... and how I am prone to the sin of despair.

Blessed Are Those, Part 2

Nov 20, 2009|Mike Ensley

Once we are real, we are called to really relate. And that's what it means to be righteous.

Blessed Are Those, Part 1

Nov 11, 2009|Mike Ensley

If the Beatitudes list the qualities Jesus finds most important, then I ought to ponder and pray about them.

Enjoying the Earth Without Loving the World

Oct 27, 2009|Gary Thomas

Do you consider the world to be a mother or a prostitute?

Plugging Into the Church

Plugging Into the Church

In the body of Christ, young adults need to feel more like hands than tonsils.

Shedding Weight

Oct 20, 2009|Brenna Kate Simonds

Dwelling on negative thoughts. Surely that's not the best use of my time.

The Marks of Manhood


Oct 09, 2009|Mike Ensley

I know I'm a Christian, but am I Christian enough?

Loser Christian

Oct 08, 2009|Tim Sweetman

I rightly hate the sin. I wrongly continue to dwell on the fact that I've sinned.

What We Don't Know

Oct 07, 2009|Rachel Starr Thomson

Ignorance is pathetic, but we can't excuse him on the grounds that he didn't know. He chooses his own doom.

So Long to the Volcano

Oct 01, 2009|Mike Ensley

The Son of God did not become man, die, and rise again so that we could walk a tightrope over hell.

The Three Conversions

Sep 30, 2009|Jonathan Dodson

It's through relationship that we come to know the true power of the Gospel.

How Not to Lose Your Faith in College

Sep 22, 2009|Thabiti Anyabwile

If you don't want to lose your faith in college, you need a plan.

Love Story

Sep 18, 2009|George Halitzka

Someday, death will die. Then Love Himself will reign supreme.

Spilling the Cup o' Drama

It's exhausting. And harms relationships and wastes valuable time and energy that could be devoted to more worthy pursuits.

woman peacefully reading book while sitting on rock

Heart at Leisure

Sep 09, 2009|Elisabeth Adams

If I could sum up what Sabbath means to me, it would take just three words: He says stop.

The Wisdom Grid

Sep 08, 2009|David Barshinger

To move there? How to pay for it? What about insurance? Should I date her? What's my ministry? Ah, we need a little help here.

What is Knowledge?

Sep 02, 2009|J.P. Moreland

To know if Christians possess knowledge about reality, we need to understand exactly what knowledge is.


Aug 21, 2009|Rachel Starr Thomson

"WWJD?" only invites speculation. It's not what Jesus would do that transforms us. It's what He did do, for us, to us, in us.

Speech Lessons

Aug 20, 2009|Tim Sweetman

My classroom was the streets on the rougher side of town.

Just Stuff

Aug 19, 2009|David Barshinger

If we orient our hearts toward Christ, we will easily release our grasp on material attachments so that others might experience God's incomparable love.

Fire Words

Aug 14, 2009|Rachel Starr Thomson

I marvel at the eternal in Amy Carmichael's books, in her poems and letters, and her phrases are still ringing down the years of my life.

Your Seven Greatest Enemies

Aug 11, 2009|Gary Thomas

Our feeble attempts to withstand their daily assault is humiliating. Thank God.

I Surrender All

Aug 05, 2009|Rachel Starr Thomson

Don't give up when life hurts. Surrender instead.

Staying Alive

Jul 29, 2009|David Barshinger

Health in this world is not "truly life." It is merely postponed death.

When The Darkness Closes In

Jul 24, 2009|Mike Ensley

In that moment I wasn't missing God; I was missing the other pieces.

Certain Change

Jul 21, 2009|Elisabeth Adams

The uncertainty God had allowed into my life simply revealed the ignorance I live with every single day.

Giving Thanks Amid the Dandelions

Jul 09, 2009|James Tonkowich

The only way to enjoy even a weed is to feel unworthy even of a weed.

Tasting the Bible

Jul 02, 2009|Elisabeth Adams

You may find it delicious.

Whom Do You Fear?

Jun 30, 2009|Carolyn McCulley

Gotta fear somebody. Would that be man or God?

Our Father

Jun 24, 2009|Rachel Starr Thomson

For thousands of years, He was known as The Name. But, in a moment, all that had forever changed.

The Long Journey From Obesity

The Long Journey From Obesity

Jun 18, 2009|Kimberly Eddy

Having judged others based on their weight, I was now on the receiving end of the same wrong assumptions.

Worn Down

Jun 17, 2009|David Barshinger

God calls us to be diligent, not divine.

A Third of our Lives

Jun 16, 2009|Jenny Schroedel

It's one of the great mysteries of the Christian life: sleep.

From Kali to Christ

Jun 02, 2009|Nathan Zacharias

Visiting a Hindu temple, and then a simple Christian church, brings a fresh appreciation for one particular sacrifice.

An Eye-Opening Rendezvous

May 29, 2009|John Thomas

Committing to attend a pre-dawn prayer service can draw the worst, and the best, from you.

The Conundrum of Comparison

The Conundrum of Comparison

May 26, 2009|Denise Morris Snyder

If only we had their bodies, hair, makeup, clothes ...  

The God Backstage

May 19, 2009|Rachel Starr Thomson

We're mesmerized by what takes place onstage. But perhaps the greatest wonders occur before the curtain even opens.

Intentional Summer Break

May 12, 2009|Lindsay Talsness

It can be difficult to bring a faith that's developed while you're at college back home for the summer vacation.

Prayer Puzzles

May 08, 2009|J. Budziszewski

Have you ever felt like you want to talk to God, but you don't know what to say, or if your prayers get through? It's not an unknowable mystery.

Outside Looking In

May 07, 2009|Elisabeth Adams

It's a fascinating place to explore. So why does it seem that I spend so little time abiding there?

A Walk Across the Water

Apr 24, 2009|Rachel Starr Thomson

Too often I forget that life is a vapor in the wind — that I am walking, not on solid ground, but on water.

Balancing Beauty

Apr 23, 2009|Heather Koerner

Is there a line I shouldn't cross to try to be beautiful? Or is it about more than a line?

Giving My Dreams

I said I trusted God. But I wasn't willing to give Him my future.

Giving Up on Atheism

Apr 15, 2009|Robert Velarde

The pursuit of coherent truth drove one man from theism to deism to agnosticism and to atheism. And then to God.

Heaven on Earth

Apr 14, 2009|Jessica Inman

Our desire for justice and restoration is natural, and their fulfillment is on its way.

Love to Tell

Apr 10, 2009|Elisabeth Adams

God has endless ways of winning our hearts, and I'm fascinated by them all.

Springtime of the Church

Apr 08, 2009|Roberto Rivera y Carlo

It's about more than just a day; it's about a season.

Imprisoned Joy, Part 2

Apr 02, 2009|George Halitzka

Joy is a lot harder than happy. But it's also a lot more worth having.

Imprisoned Joy, Part 1

Apr 01, 2009|George Halitzka

If you're like me and feel sometimes that good things have passed you by, class is now in session.

Grace In Guilt

Mar 27, 2009|David Barshinger

Guilt is a gift, a form of God's grace to expose me to my true self and force me to take seriously my sin.

Facebook Faceoff

Mar 26, 2009|Tim Sweetman

Something is beckoning for my attention. And it's not online.

What You Watch

Mar 25, 2009|Bob Waliszewski

Whether you enjoy it or not is not the point.

I, Legalist

Mar 19, 2009|Kimberly Eddy

I couldn't get those words out of my mind: "He actually thinks God loves him!"

So Humble

Mar 17, 2009|Jason Boyett

It's such hard work dealing with pride, especially when you have so much to be proud of.

The Laughter of Jesus

Mar 12, 2009|Robert Velarde

Did God-incarnate ever spend time laughing with His friends?

A Dissonant Life

Conflict between life and belief has caused many to reject the Christian faith. But dissonance is part of the music.

Confessions of a Legalist

Mar 05, 2009|Rachel Starr Thomson

When she answered Satan, Eve didn't stand on God's command. She stood on her own.

Anger: The Image of Satan

Feb 18, 2009|Jonathan Dodson

You don't have to be an "angry person" to have a problem with anger.

Apple Addiction

Feb 03, 2009|Tim Sweetman

It's easy to allow myself to buy into the lie that what I own is who I am.

One Vulnerable Click

Jan 29, 2009|Jen Marie

Being fit had become an idol. It was time to do something drastic.

Airport Eavesdropping

Jan 27, 2009|David Barshinger

I was standing in the Chicago O'Hare Airport early one morning waiting to pick up a friend when I overheard two men chatting about Christians ...  

Conviction Life

Jan 20, 2009|Rachel Starr Thomson

Most of us live by default or by reaction. There's a better way.

God Told Me

Jan 14, 2009|Mike Ensley

I've always felt funny whenever I hear somebody begin a sentence with those words. It sounds so resolute, so certain.

The Emmaus Road Adventure

Jan 08, 2009|Elisabeth Adams

If you're a detective-story fan, you may also have noticed that sometimes the smallest of facts becomes the most important of clues.

Food, Glorious Food!

Dec 31, 2008|James Tonkowich

Our relationship with it goes deep.

Ignorant Christians

Dec 30, 2008|Gary Thomas

Your choice: Grow increasingly stupid, or study to show yourself approved.

But For the Grace

Dec 02, 2008|Tim Sweetman

Do we reject the outcast? Or identify with them?

Freedom-Giving Boundaries

Nov 28, 2008|Mike Ensley

Sometimes it takes a dog to show us that the fruit of discipline is liberty.

Opportunities for Joy

Nov 25, 2008|Brenna Kate Simonds

When crying babies come your way, consider it an opportunity for great joy.

Waste My Lyme

Nov 21, 2008|Jen Marie

With the diagnosis came peace, and a resolve to make the most of it.  

The Other Christian Faith

Nov 19, 2008|Rachel Starr Thomson

It's been around as long as Christianity itself. And it's a lie.

The Right Kind of Mystery

Nov 11, 2008|Drew Dyck

The emergent church gets some of it right. But some of it very, very wrong.

Into the Wilderness

Nov 07, 2008|Elisabeth Adams

Remember, thankfully.

Now for the Not-Yet

Now for the Not-Yet

Sep 24, 2008|Rachel Starr Thomson

Am I living well today? And is the way I'm living actually going to lead to a good, God-honoring future — not just here, but in eternity?

Game Day for the Glory of God

Game Day for the Glory of God

Sep 09, 2008|Stephen Altrogge

All of creation has been kissed by the glory of God and gives us a small glimpse into His character. Yes, even sports.

No Offense

How we deal with insulting behavior says a lot about what we believe.

Running from the Edge

Aug 29, 2008|Tim Sweetman

Exciting? Perhaps. Liberating? Seems like it. Dangerous? Without a doubt.

Sane Faith, Part 3

Aug 28, 2008|David Powlison

The whole world is knotted up and dangling loose. But you are still your biggest problem.

Sane Faith, Part 2

Aug 27, 2008|David Powlison

The problem with much of contemporary counseling is that it denies the reality of evil, and consequently the relevance of the Savior.

Seeing God

Aug 20, 2008|David Barshinger

How can we possibly be holy enough to see the living God?

Craving Egypt

Aug 14, 2008|Brenna Kate Simonds

When things get rough and disorienting, the predictability of the past starts looking pretty good.

Office Hours: All Those Errors in the Bible, Part 1

Aug 12, 2008|J. Budziszewski

Nathan has come to chat with Professor Theophilus about numerous errors he's found in the Bible. Feel free to listen in on their conversation.

Office Hours: All Those Errors in the Bible, Part 2

Aug 12, 2008|J. Budziszewski

Ever wonder if there are mistakes in the Bible? Join in on their conversation.

Office Hours: All Those Errors in the Bible, Part 3

Aug 12, 2008|J. Budziszewski

Nathan and the professor finish up their conversation by discussing  the best way to go about understanding things in the Bible that may seem inconsistent.

Through the Noise

Aug 05, 2008|Rachel Starr Thomson

In this vortex of stimuli, truth and deception, art may do what few other things can: It may, for a moment, still the scene around us.  


Aug 01, 2008|Rachel Zoller

Of all the self-destructive behaviors I had, cutting was always the hardest to explain. How do I reconcile having inflicted destruction upon my body even while serving the Lord?

Eat Bitter

Jul 29, 2008|Carolyn McCulley

When situations seem unfair or even disastrous, we can only swallow the injustice and bitterness if we focus on the unflinching promise that our times are in His hands.

Big Talker

Jul 10, 2008|Alex Chediak

Exaggerations and over-commitments seem fairly benign. They're not.

'The Shack,' A Review

Jul 08, 2008|Tim Challies

Many find The Shack to be an engaging read. It may also be a dangerous one.

The Gift of Freedom

The Gift of Freedom

Jul 03, 2008|Brenna Kate Simonds

It is for freedom that Christ has set us free.

Above the Flood

Jul 01, 2008|George Halitzka

You could say that civilization works because it's never me.

Faith Beyond the Neurons

Jun 27, 2008|Roberto Rivera y Carlo

Faith is a way of knowing, not a warm fuzzy.

Bowing to Convenience

Bowing to Convenience

Jun 24, 2008|Krishana Kraft

Too many times I let convenience control my perspective and decisions, and even steal my joy and focus. Where does this attitude come from?

The Failure of Akaash and Me

Jun 18, 2008|Nathan Zacharias

The journey home is never too long.  

Sincerely, Pollyanna

Jun 13, 2008|Elisabeth Adams

What does an optimist know about suffering? Not much.  

The Greener Grass Conspiracy

The Greener Grass Conspiracy

Jun 06, 2008|Stephen Altrogge

Looking forward to the next thing? That's not where you'll find joy.

Look Where You're Going

Look Where You're Going

Jun 04, 2008|Kara Schwab

It's tempting to wallow in the regret of past failures and wounds. But the real prize lies right where you are.

Virtual Reality

May 30, 2008|George Halitzka

I fit right in on the morning bus. But under the shabby veneer, nobody knew I was tortured by an impossible dream.

Who’s Your Boss?

May 22, 2008|Gary Thomas

You've got to serve somebody.

Timing is Everything

May 20, 2008|Krishana Kraft

Sometimes following God requires us to stop before we tell other people our direction.

Hour by Hour: It's Always Time to Pray

Hour by Hour: It's Always Time to Pray

May 15, 2008|James Tonkowich

I was having enough trouble trying to have one "quiet time" each day and now I wanted to have five. Strangely, I've found five easier than one.

Basketball Jesus

May 14, 2008|George Halitzka

We catch a fellow Christian doing something we don't think is right. What might our response be?

The Beauty of the Commonplace Life

The Beauty of a Commonplace Life

May 13, 2008|Nathan Zacharias

We don't have to make headlines to be a success in life.  

Praying Like Paul

Apr 25, 2008|Rachel Starr Thomson

We have a lot to learn about praying for others from the man who prayed for us.

Confessions of a Cutter

Apr 10, 2008|Brenna Kate Simonds

I can clearly remember the first time I self-injured.

Lost Hero

Apr 09, 2008|Glenn Packiam

Could it be that there are in fact no heroes?

The Gritty Reality of Hell

Apr 04, 2008|Gary Thomas

Where did the idea of hell come from? What is it? And how should we speak of it?

Wanted Now: Contentment

Apr 02, 2008|Greg Spencer

The way to satisfaction in an unsatisfying world is to practice the art of dying well.  

Crisis Control

Apr 01, 2008|Michael Ross

When things get frantic, don't just trust in your stuff.


Mar 27, 2008|Rachel Starr Thomson

It's been a day of small annoyances, and now at 2 a.m. they float up like Dickensian specters, clanking their chains after them.

Excavating Resurrection

Excavating Resurrection

Mar 18, 2008|Elisabeth Adams

The good news is that Jesus really came back to life, and not merely in a figurative or "spiritual" way.

He Says Yes

Sometimes I feel like my heavenly Father exists to tell me "no." The truth surprised me.

Fighting Spiritual Drift

Fighting Spiritual Drift

Mar 04, 2008|Ricky Alcantar

Prone to wander, Lord, I feel it. Prone to leave the God I love. Ah, but God ...

Christmas in February

Feb 29, 2008|George Halitzka

Consider the ant....


If my faith is to survive, my inner hypocrite must die.

Adventures in River Time

Feb 15, 2008|Don Best

There's nothing like a tranquil boatride down the Amazon to bring perspective.

Broken Embrace

Jan 30, 2008|Rachel Starr Thomson

The act of forgiving is a breaking. And a healing.

Why I'm a Big Fan of Hell

Jan 25, 2008|Gary Thomas

To say that I'd do without hell is to suggest that I could do a better job fashioning an eternity than God can.  

Absent God

Absent God

Jan 17, 2008|David Barshinger

When injustice is most acute, too often it seems He's nowhere to be found.

Disordered Eating

Jan 16, 2008|Brenna Kate Simonds

She was so thin that friends were telling her she would die. After collapsing in the middle of the street, she began to really believe them.

The Discipline of Spiritual Discernment

Jan 15, 2008|Tim Challies

Enjoy it while you can, for a time is coming when discernment will no longer be necessary.  

Exploit Your Pastor

Jan 11, 2008|Michael Lawrence

It's to your advantage to seek the counsel of your pastor or elders.

Play Time

Jan 03, 2008|Alex Chediak

Are you recreating, or merely entertaining yourself?

The Name of Hope

Jan 03, 2008|Jenny Schroedel

The best is yet to come.

Silent Night, Lonely Night

Silent Night, Lonely Night

Dec 20, 2007|Carolyn McCulley

God knows, Christmas can be a very difficult time of year.

Worship. Music.

Dec 13, 2007|Bob Kauflin

God wants us to sing.

The Captivity of Negativity

The Captivity of Negativity

Dec 13, 2007|Kara Schwab

Scripture promotes the healing benefits of a joyful heart. Why settle for less?

Helicopter Seeds

Dec 13, 2007|George Halitzka

And how they speak to us of the wonder -- or is it the meaninglessness? -- of life.

The Cross: Crucial in Worship

Nov 29, 2007|Bob Kauflin

It's not enough to sing songs about God's love that produce warm feelings in our hearts. We need to remember the reality of Christ crucified.

How Big Is Your Latte?

Nov 22, 2007|David Barshinger

Thank God by curtailing your craving for too much.

Hate Your Life

Nov 15, 2007|Kara Schwab

With each passing day, I began feeling more and more the weight of dread and the crushing loss of unfulfilled longings....

Worship: What Really Matters

Nov 15, 2007|Bob Kauflin

The word that follows a transitive verb makes all the difference.

Feed Me!

Nov 01, 2007|George Halitzka

Is your approach to church like that of a giant flesh-eating extraterrestrial plant?  

Obey Your Pastor?

Oct 25, 2007|Michael Lawrence

Pastoral authority: Do you have to submit to it?

Real Presence and the Image Consciousness Fairy

Sep 27, 2007|Greg Spencer

Part of what gives us the courage to practice an inside-out consistency is the knowledge that Jesus already knows what is on the inside.

Info-Techno Sabbath: Unplugging the God of Information Technology

Sep 27, 2007|Joe Carter

Do something about all that emailblogcellphonewebrssyoutubemyspaceblackberrytech noise.

Being Real Is a Real Problem

Sep 20, 2007|Greg Spencer

In an age of modern media, our comfort with illusion has worked its way into our souls.

Negotiating With God

Negotiating With God

Why we're tempted to use God to get our way (and why it doesn't work).

Tandem Living

Sep 13, 2007|Krishana Kraft

Being connected to God could lead to serving in places you never imagined.

Choose Joy

Aug 09, 2007|Kara Schwab

It's about a lot more than a feeling.

Fear Factory

Aug 02, 2007|Gary Thomas

Drown out cries of "teotwawki!" with Christ's "peace!"

Becoming Undragoned

Jul 19, 2007|Jenny Schroedel

Sin has dulled your senses. Your skin feels thick, like the hide of a dragon. How can you possibly scrape all that off and become truly human again?

Fight Fear With Fear

Every circumstance is an opportunity for fear ... or something else.

Why Do I Keep Sinning?

Jun 07, 2007|Kirk Cameron

As a Christian, the good news is that you are no longer a slave to sin.

Mentor Series: Media and Culture

Jun 07, 2007|Gordon Pennington

Media consultant Gordon Pennington explores the effects of media on a post-modern culture.

Physical Faith

Do you have a physical faith? Acting out may be worth the effort.

Gray Matters: Five Principles of Discernment, Part 2

May 03, 2007|Eric Simmons

In this continuing exploration of discernment, we take a look at how to think biblically, involve others, and decide to worship.

Gray Matters: Five Principles of Discernment, Part 1

May 03, 2007|Eric Simmons

They may seem like gray areas. But to God, they're black and white.

Faith Imitates Art

Apr 19, 2007|Enuma Okoro

Even art devoid of intentional Christian imagery can have spiritually transformative effects.

Do You Like God?

Do You Like God?

Apr 05, 2007|Greg Spencer

Your relationship with the Lord may be stagnant because you merely love Him.

Mentor Series: Stop Dating the Church

Christian authors Joshua Harris and Carolyn McCulley speak of the centrality of being involved with a church.

Interrogating the Legalist Within

Interrogating the Legalist Within

Mar 15, 2007|C.J. Mahaney

It's serious and deadly. Deal with it.

Common Law Church

Common Law Church

When it comes to church commitment, a piece of paper can make all the difference.

Love and Suffering in Dante's Purgatory

Mar 01, 2007|James Tonkowich

Why do I suffer? To find some answers, we look back to the 14th century.

Christians Can't Multitask

The distractions of technology can dull our lives, hamper our productivity, rob us of quiet thought and keep us from demonstrating Christ's love.

Mentor Series: The Theology of Glory

Dec 21, 2006|Charlie Jarvis

He's Emmanuel. God with us. And what does that mean? It means that the glory is with us again.

Hard Truths About Trust

Hard Truths About Trust

Dec 07, 2006|Thabiti Anyabwile

Trust in God isn't truly trust until we find ourselves face-to-face with the kind of hardships and betrayals that make us vulnerable and tempt us to fear.

The Art of Celebration

The Art of Celebration

Nov 23, 2006|Richard Foster

Looking to make the most of the upcoming holiday? Consider being "careful for nothing."

Churchcasting Kills Community

Nov 16, 2006|Drew Dyck

It's convenient, but is doing church online really a valid replacement for the real thing?

Silently Affecting Others

Nov 09, 2006|Gary Thomas

It is within your power to either bless this world with splashes of God's glory, or spray it with showers of sin.

Unexpected Callings

Sometimes pain and loss give way to something of inestimable worth.

The Comeback Sin, Part 1

Oct 12, 2006|J. Budziszewski

Some sins just keep coming back.

The Comeback Sin, Part 2

Oct 12, 2006|J. Budziszewski

Professor Theophilus finishes up his conversation with Peter about a sin that just won't go away.

From Mecca to Calvary

Oct 05, 2006|Thabiti Anyabwile

He converted to Islam in college. But after years of practicing his faith, Thabiti sensed a hollowness growing in his heart.

Killing off Christianity

May 25, 2006|Drew Dyck

Reports of the death of Christianity have been greatly exaggerated.

It's Never 'Just a Movie'

May 25, 2006|Chris Leland

Every movie that hits the silver screen has a worldview driving it. Realizing this fact is a first step toward practicing media discernment.

Decisions Decisions, Part 2

May 18, 2006|Thomas Jeffries

Sometimes it's OK to simply make the best decision you can and trust God to let you know if you've gone astray.

Venting and Losing

If you give yourself permission to vent, you may be missing a moment to shine.

Decisions Decisions, Part 1

May 04, 2006|Thomas Jeffries

Sometimes it's OK to simply make the best decision you can and trust God to let you know if you've gone astray.

Venti Blessings

Apr 20, 2006|Krishana Kraft

A full cup reminds us of God's goodness. And how we have a difficult time accepting His gifts.

Cravings, Lust and Boasting

Apr 06, 2006|C.J. Mahaney

It's impossible to pursue popularity as such without growing in worldliness. Is this a price you're willing to pay?

Pour Your Life Into It

Mar 30, 2006|Joshua Harris

Passion for the church? It may be a sign of your passion for God.

The Lord Told Me

The Lord Told Me, Part 2

Mar 16, 2006|J. Budziszewski

A student finds herself in Prof. Theophilus's office, confessing her inability to hear from God.

A Fresh View of Blue: Thoughts on Depression

Mar 09, 2006|Jenny Schroedel

The road to mental wholeness may be arduous, but there is hope. Thankfully.

The Lord Told Me

The Lord Told Me, Part 1

Feb 23, 2006|J. Budziszewski

If you're not hearing from the Lord, perhaps it's because you're listening wrong.

Ich Bin Eine Marathonerin

Feb 09, 2006|Kara Schwab

The Chicago Marathon leaves one non-runner with more than aching legs; she's left with lessons learned that transcend any race.

The Darwinist's Blinders

Jan 19, 2006|Matt Kaufman

The problem with evolutionists isn't just that they can't see God at work. It's that they refuse to see Him at work.

What I Wrote in the Book of Life

Jan 12, 2006|J. Budziszewski

What would it be like if people were really honest in their diaries — if they wrote in them the things that in real life they don't even admit to themselves?

Mood Disorders and a Reason to Live

Dec 29, 2005|Roberto Rivera y Carlo

Our moods, and the biology behind them, don't have to have the final word.

Driving Immanuel

Dec 15, 2005|John Thomas

Some shepherds were stunned by a divine encounter two millennia ago. A motorist was only slightly less startled when Jesus showed up as he was traveling I-40.

Not Enough

Dec 08, 2005|J. Budziszewski

A student confesses to struggle with wanting more, and the professor's response? In the spirit of Advent, perhaps he should find himself wanting even more.

As Though There Were No God

Nov 10, 2005|J. Budziszewski

Some people consider themselves agnostics. Professor Theophilus makes it a simple matter to determine whether or not you're in fact an atheist.

Blind Surprises

Nov 10, 2005|Kara Schwab

The shock of an unexpected surprise can be invigorating. While invigorating, an encounter with Christ should be no surprise.

How My Pentacle Pointed to God

How My Pentacle Pointed to God

Sep 29, 2005|Lauren Winner

Romans 8:28 says that all things work together for good to those who love God. But does that include even my purple Wiccan tattoo?

The Gospel According to Joe

Sep 22, 2005|John Thomas

The closest I ever got to the Beatles was just the beginning of getting close to Jesus.

Why Am I Still Being Punished?

Sep 15, 2005|J. Budziszewski

Sometimes our sins are easily forgiven and forgotten. Other times, the damage is too deep to quickly be undone. It's about the slow repair, says Theophilus.

A Search for Sanctuary

In her efforts to find a quiet, peaceful place, Suzanne found something much deeper.

Where Credit is Due

May 26, 2005|John Thomas

When Martin Luther was busiest, he prayed the longest. I think he was onto something.

Updating Eternity

May 19, 2005|J. Budziszewski

You hear it all the time: the old beliefs aren't believable any more. But what if you've never even learned what the old beliefs are?

The Challenges of Being a New Christian

The Challenges of Being a New Christian

Apr 28, 2005|Joanna Saul

One adult convert's story of trying to live a whole new way.

Basic Confusion

Apr 21, 2005|John Thomas

Struggling with the meaning of life? Maybe your friendly sales clerk can help.

The Good Life

Feb 24, 2005|J.P. Moreland

Lots of people think their brand of living is the best. But the road to good living is a high call few achieve.


Dec 23, 2004|J. Budziszewski

A look at the incarnation through the eyes of Theophilus' many varied students.

Why Happiness Isn't a Feeling

Dec 16, 2004|J.P. Moreland

Why we need to understand it before we can find it.

Turning Heroes into Horrors

Nov 18, 2004|J.P. Moreland

It's easily proved false, still cultural relativism goes virtually unchallenged, to our harm.

Giving Them What They Want Without Losing Who You Are

Oct 14, 2004|John Thomas

Makeover's are all the rage. But trying to be someone you're not is just plain unlivable.

Keeping Your Faith

Sep 30, 2004|Marshall Allen

You can survive college with your faith in tact. Here's a book that can guide you from freshman orientation all the way to graduation.

Winning at Losing

Sep 16, 2004|Candice Watters

How a change in perspective helped me finally lose weight.

6 Reasons Why I'm a Follower of Jesus

6 Reasons Why I'm a Follower of Jesus

Sep 02, 2004|Steve Shadrach

They’re pretty basic, yet somehow we often manage to lose sight of them. So here are some reminders.

Postmodernism and the Christian Life, Part 2

Aug 19, 2004|J.P. Moreland

The current hot philosophy is a breeding ground for self-indulgence, suspicion and anger.

Postmodernism and the Christian Life, Part 1

Jul 08, 2004|J.P. Moreland

“Postmodernism” is a hot word in many circles, but what does it mean, and why does it matter so much? For answers, start here.

What Is Truth and Why Does it Matter?

Jun 10, 2004|J.P. Moreland

J.P. unpacks the biblical understanding of truth.

What Are You Afraid Of?

May 13, 2004|J. Budziszewski

Our thoughts can be scary, especially if we find they’re always about the wrong things.

7 Secrets of Avoiding Persecution, Part 2

Apr 01, 2004|Steve Shadrach

The second part of Shad’s tongue-in-cheek jab at lovers of comfort.

Why is Evolution Believed in More Firmly than the Evidence Warrants?

Mar 25, 2004|J.P. Moreland

Convinced there are serious problems with evolutionary theory, but wondering why so many intellectuals respond as if there aren’t? J.P. provides a few insights.

Tales From a Former Vagabond

Mar 11, 2004|Marshall Allen

Marshall learns what good parking and free lattes have to do with the perfect church.

What is Scientific Naturalism?

Mar 04, 2004|J.P. Moreland

J. P. answers the question we should ask before we criticize scientific naturalism.

7 Secrets of Avoiding Persecution, Part 1

Mar 04, 2004|Steve Shadrach

A tongue-n-cheek jab at lovers of comfort.

Grave Lessons about Application

Feb 19, 2004|Walt Russell

How to get more than information out of the Bible. The final part of Dr. Russell’s four-part series on interpreting Scripture.

Time Enough for Me

Feb 12, 2004|Jenny Schroedel

Too busy? Keeping perspective can give you all the time in the world.

Who Are You and What are You Up To?

Jan 29, 2004|J.P. Moreland

A three-way worldview struggle rages in our culture between scientific naturalism, postmodernism and ethical monotheism (especially Christianity).


Jan 29, 2004|Lynne M. Thompson

Markers that show us God is at work in our lives.

Overcoming Verse-Bite Christian Culture

Jan 22, 2004|Walt Russell

Why you should never read just one verse of the Bible. Part 3 of Dr. Russell’s 4-part series on interpreting Scripture.

'Indians Slay Tigers' and Braking for Genres

Dec 18, 2003|Walt Russell

Does the Bible contain meaning of its own? If so, how can we find it? Part 2 of a 4-part series on interpreting Scripture.

Truth in a Broken World, Part One

Nov 27, 2003|Holly Dawn Hunter

Suffering, redemption and another perspective on sin.

Truth in a Broken World, Part Two: Back to the Potter’s Wheel

Nov 27, 2003|Jessica Inman

A little clarification on “Human Clay”: Jessica’s response to Holly Dawn.

4 Exit Ramps You Don't Want to Take

4 Exit Ramps You Don't Want to Take

Nov 20, 2003|Steve Shadrach

Getting on and staying on God's road is one of the greatest challenges we face as followers of Jesus Christ. 

The Hazards of Reading on a Battlefield

Nov 13, 2003|Walt Russell

Will the real relativists please stand up?

Persuasive Evangelism in a Pluralistic Culture

Oct 23, 2003|J.P. Moreland

Christianity works, no doubt, but don’t forget that it’s also true.

The Worship Mall

Oct 09, 2003|J. Budziszewski

Fast food, Sunday services and other consumer products.

Human Clay: Thoughts on Spiritual Poverty

Sep 25, 2003|Jessica Inman

Do we talk about brokenness and grace so much that we implicitly condone sin?

Faith ... in What?

Aug 21, 2003|Marshall Allen

Everyone’s got some kind of faith. They just don’t always admit it.

Listen Up!

Jul 10, 2003|Steve Watters

Could you go a whole day without talking? This and three other speaking challenges could change your life.

I Feel Like, Therefore I Am

Jul 10, 2003|J. Budziszewski

Ever know anyone who can’t hear criticism without taking it personally? Meet Julie.

Warehouse Evangelism

May 15, 2003|Holly L. Hudson

Reciprocated humility and grace: Holly Dawn responds to Jessica.

Give Me Passion

May 01, 2003|Dana Ryan

Feel distant from God? Dana’s discovery: You feel closer when you focus less on how you feel and just spend time with Him.

Atheism's Dream World

Mar 27, 2003|Sandi Greene

Bad dreams? Freud thinks he knows what they mean. But Christianity has a bigger picture.

Fallen Beauty

Mar 20, 2003|Jenny Schroedel

How Jenny learned to quit hating the mirror.

Pagan Chic

Feb 13, 2003|Roberto Rivera y Carlo

Paganism’s not just on Buffy and Charmed; it’s spreading on campus. Understanding its appeal is the key to confronting it.

The Big Story

Dec 19, 2002|J. Budziszewski

Sarah's professors tell her there's no such thing as absolute truth. Theophilus says even they don't really believe that.

To Judge or Not To Judge, Part 2

Nov 21, 2002|J. Budziszewski

There are some people we shouldn't hang out with not because we're too good for them, but because we're not good enough.

To Judge or Not To Judge, Part 1

Oct 24, 2002|J. Budziszewski

What does Jesus mean when He warns us not to “judge”? Not what most people today think He means.

Why Should I Believe My Belief?

Sep 26, 2002|J. Budziszewski

Sometimes theology can be kid stuff.

Some Assembly Required

Sep 12, 2002|Nathan Finn

Some Christians let their church attendance fall off in college. They’ve got lots of excuses — but not many good ones.

How Do Christians Reason?

Jul 25, 2002|J. Budziszewski

Christians don't have "blind faith." They know how to think; they also know Who to trust.

Heavy Heart, Heavy Bookbag

Jun 24, 2002|Chris Leland

Real Christians don't ask tough questions, some say. Wrong. That's how we grow, in both heart and mind.

Will I Be Happier if I Live Life as a Christian?

Will I Be Happier if I Live Life as a Christian?

Jan 17, 2002|Julie Roys

Is life as a Christian really better than the alternative?

Cloud of Unbelief

Jan 10, 2002|J. Budziszewski

Ever get the feeling your faith is no longer real? You know, that sneaking suspicion you can't quite explain? Theophilus may be able to help diagnose your problem.

The Lord of the Rings

Dec 20, 2001|Roberto Rivera y Carlo

The movie got rave reviews. But the best experience, says this reviewer, is reserved for those who have read the book.

September 11, 2001

Sep 13, 2001|Ethan Campbell

I saw the towers crumbling and people running. And in the midst of the horror, I saw God.

Confession of a Cynic

Aug 16, 2001|Marshall Allen

Cynicism is easy, fun and hey, I was born this way. So why was I starting to feel so rotten?

When Music is Our Enemy

Aug 02, 2001|David Orland

The tunes we listen to affect us more deeply than we know.

Teach Me to Pray

Teach Me to Pray

Mar 29, 2001|Sarah E. Hinlicky

Can we even begin to understand the mystery of conversing with the Almighty?

The Whisperer

Feb 21, 2001|Mercy A. Ruiz

Unread homework, overdue bills, rocky relationships and a thousand other things. What do you do when condemnation strikes?

Crisis of Faithlessness

Nov 01, 2000|J. Budziszewski

Why do atheists seem so confident in their disbelief? It can be downright unnerving. Don't they ever have any faith crises?


Sep 05, 2000|J. Budziszewski

After a five-day forum on the Christian voice in intellectual life, Theophilus critiques biblicists for not taking the Bible seriously enough.

Water for Life

Jul 27, 2000|Nathan Long

In this age of striving for the next big thing, Long wonders if we can every be truly satisfied.

Confession and Forgiveness

Jul 06, 2000|Sarah E. Hinlicky

Extreme grace can seem such a faraway concept. Until it happens to you.

Anatomy of a Grief

Apr 05, 2000|Sarah E. Hinlicky

When a loved one dies suddenly, unjustly, it's tempting to blame God. But scorning the great comforter provides less relief than imagined.

Is Christ Another Cult?

Dec 02, 1999|J. Budziszewski

Prisca escaped a campus cult, only to be confronted with Christianity. Now Professor Theophilus is trying to explain the difference between the two.


Sep 23, 1999|J. Budziszewski

With headlines so full of senseless tragedy, how can you reconcile the goodness of God with the pain and suffering of this world?

Theophilus Gives a Speech

Apr 01, 1999|J. Budziszewski

Brought before his doubting peers, Theophilus shows them why truth can be known and why everyone, at their core, has faith in something.

Can We Be Good Without God?

Dec 06, 1998|J. Budziszewski

Goodness is a state of mind says conventional wisdom. But can we really be good if left to ourselves? In other words, can we be good without God?

Learning to Love What God Loves

Sep 07, 1998|Steven Garber

An eagerness for God is the foundation for success in college.

A Skeptical View of Christianity

Aug 24, 1998|J. Budziszewski

It may be more biblical than you realize.

Young adult man resting

How I Learned to Rest

Jan 01, 0001|Drew Brown

I was gauging my success by the number of tasks I could accomplish. But God was inviting me to something better.

young adult man outdoors

The Power of Beholding

Jan 01, 0001|Stephanie Rische

Ancient punctuation has something to teach us about slowing down and noticing God at work.

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