Striking Young Men Who Use Online Matching Services: Episode 14

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Striking Young Men Who Use Online Matching Services: Episode 14

Apr 25, 2008

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Young men speak about online dating, Focus on the Family President Jim Daly shares his testimony, and disclosing a past struggle with pornography. Featured musical artist: Salvador




It's been almost two months since we hosted four single gals to discuss their online dating experiences. When I listened again, I noticed a lot of talk about "freaky" matches. Now you can hear the guy's side of things. This week, we invited four "striking" young men to speak about their experiences with online dating. I think you'll appreciate the balanced perspective they provide.



We were honored this week to have Focus on the Family President and CEO Jim Daly join us to discuss his book, Finding Home: An Imperfect Path to Faith and Family. Let's set the stage: Jim's parents were alcoholics and divorced when he was 5. His mom died of cancer when he was nine. He entered the foster care system until his alcoholic father showed up again at age 11. But as Jim says, "God's hand was on us." Listen to find out the rest of the story in this inspirational segment.

Hungry Years

Adulthood|The Hungry Years

What's it like to graduate with honors and then have to slip on a drug store vest as a first job? This week, Patrick Dunn looks back at what he and his college degree did in his first years on the job market. And how his frustrations caused him to focus on other things during that season -- other things like ... waiting.



This week's Inbox is about online pornography. But it's not really about overcoming it; it's when to tell your girlfriend you used to struggle with it. It's a difficult question but Steve Watters handles it with sensitivity and gives the questioner some great thoughts on what to do.