Christian Music Artist Cagematch: Episode 79

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Christian Music Artist Cagematch: Episode 79

Jul 23, 2009

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Rebecca St. James and Evie Tornquist Karlsson talk about music and mentorship, and Jeremy Camp shares his musical beginnings, his walk through loss, and how Christians can break into the music biz. Featured musical artist: Jeremy Camp


Music and Mentorship


I just about knocked Evie Tornquist out of her chair when I asked her who would win in a cagematch  — she or Sandi Patti. But those are the kinds of questions I want answered and am not afraid to ask. Evie, known in the 1970s for standards such as "Born Again," "Mirror" and "Come On, Ring Those Bells," is now Rebecca St. James' mentor. She and Rebecca join me in the studio to talk about mentoring, music and She, their series of conferences for women.

I'll Take You Back

Jeremy Camp churns out hit records. He has sold more than three million to date, and there's no sign of him stopping. But Jeremy's more than that. This songwriter, ordained minister and activist has walked a hard road. After losing his first wife to cancer, he wrote his way out of the pain. Other setbacks and challenges have driven him to his knees. Maybe that's why when you hear songs like "I'll Take You Back" and "Let It Fade," you feel like Jeremy has lived a little piece of your life. Listen in as Jeremy and I laugh and marvel at the goodness of God in everything from the mountaintops to the valleys.