I'll Ask You Out If...:Episode 138

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I'll Ask You Out If...:Episode 138

Sep 16, 2010
Guests: Travis Williams, Mike Halsmith, Gary Thomas and Jeremy Woodard

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Lisa and a panel of guys knock out the "Is he gonna ask me out?" question, plus an interview with Gary Thomas, and when to reveal your past in a relationship. Featured musical artist: JPT


What are Guys Thinking?

Guests: Mike Halsmith, Travis Williams and Jeremy Woodard

My girlfriends and I couldn't figure out how guys think when it comes to the whole "asking out" process, so I had to bring some guys into the studio this week to give us the scoop. Travis, Jeremy and Mike talk attraction, girls in "the group" vs. outside it, and what-you-need-to-know-before-you-go ... on a date, that is. Not only are they hilarious in their observations, but they make some pretty truthful statements to boot. It's not quite mind reading, but it's as close as we ladies will get.

Pure Pleasure

Guests: Gary Thomas

"Don't worry, be happy." It works for a song, but hardly for our own lives. After all, we're Christians. Shouldn't we be toiling away for the Kingdom? Shouldn't we talk only of sacrifice and serious things? Not according to Gary Thomas. In his latest book, Pure Pleasure, Thomas suggests that pleasure is something that actually helps us live a victorious Christian life. Whew! He gives me the scoop in this in-studio interview.

Don't Ask, Don't Tell

Guests: Danny Huerta

"Hi, my name is Dan. Will you go out for coffee with me so I can tell you about my porn addiction?" Let's hope you've never been on the receiving end of that line, but this week's Inbox addresses the "What do I need to tell?" conundrum in relationships as well as the "And when do I need to tell it?" caveat. Focus counselor Danny Huerta helps us understand when to speak and when (for all our sakes!) not to.