A Podcast Not About Relationships: Episode 182

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A Podcast Not About Relationships: Episode 182

Jul 21, 2011
Guests: Bob Waliszewski, Max Lucado, Josh Frieserna, Cassie Andersen and Nathan Hoobler

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Favorite outdoor pastimes, plus an interview with Max Lucado and a round-up of this summer’s blockbuster films. Featured musical artist: Elizabeth Hunnicutt


The Great Outdoors

Guests: Nathan Hoobler, Cassie Andersen and Josh Frieserna

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What changes in your routine when it's summer? When Lisa asked me this recently, I had a hard time answering. I'm not one to go camping every chance I get, nor do I particularly enjoy being hot — or sunburned. But for a lot of people, summer means getting outside as much as possible.

Some friends from my small group enjoy bike rides. Others like Nathan Hoobler, Josh Friesema and Cassie Andersen (our guests for this week's roundtable) like to climb snow-capped mountains. A few friends on our Facebook page told us they enjoy going to the beach, gardening, running, playing sports — and let's not forget the pleasure of going back inside to the cool comfort of AC.  Whatever your level of interest is in being outside, we encourage you to enjoy the warm weather and long days summer has to offer.

Ask Max

Guests: Max Lucado

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With more than 100 million products in print, Max Lucado is one of America's most widely read authors. So how does he get ideas of what to write about, and what are his hopes and dreams for his three grown daughters? You'll find that out and a whole lot more in this interview as Lisa asks him about his first job, his hobbies, the church and advice for living life well.

Summer Blockbusters

Guests: Bob Waliszewski

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Instead of answering a listener's question this week, we have Plugged In’s Bob Waliszewski in the studio to talk about this summer’s blockbuster films. You'll hear what's worth checking out as well as some of the trends we're seeing in this season's most popular movies.

Music for this episode is provided by Elizabeth Hunnicutt from her album, Beautiful Love. We may have one month of summer behind us, and Hobby Lobby might be setting up their Christmas displays. But that's no reason to miss out on the present days of summer. What's something you're looking forward to in the months ahead?