A View of the World: Episode 188

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A View of the World: Episode 188

Sep 01, 2011
Guests: Chris Via and Dr. Stephen Meyer

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Standing strong in a storm of competing worldviews, plus a question on when to speak truth on a potentially divisive topic. Featured musical artist: Fernando Ortega


Worldview Checkup

Spiritual Growth|Roundtable
Guests: Dr. Stephen Meyer

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Do worldview shifts happen cataclysmically, or are they a gradual chipping away of what we always believed to be true? Where does the greatest Christian worldview competition come from, and how do we see it coming? Dr. Stephen Meyer, senior fellow at the Discovery Institute and host of Focus on the Family's TrueU DVD curriculum, sheds light on why God and His creation are under attack everywhere from the classroom to the boardroom to Hollywood. This conversation is a great tuneup for those of us who find ourselves lured into the world's convincing but not necessarily complete arguments, or are lulled into complacency by choosing not to think about them at all.

Speaking Truth in Love

Guests: Chris Via

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She found herself in a conversation with a friend that definitely involved right and wrong — but she didn't speak up. Should she have, or was it more effective at the time to simply listen? Fearing she may be "too tolerant" and fighting a losing battle in the fear of man, she asked us for advice. Chris Via from the Focus Leadership Institute helps me navigate truth and love to help this listener.