Battle Ready: Episode 174

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Battle Ready: Episode 174

May 26, 2011
Guests: Wade Brown, Martha Krienke and Zane Stoddard

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Help for fighting spiritual battles, plus an interview with Gary Smalley and Ted Cunningham about conflict in relationships and a question about Christ’s return.

Featured musical artist: Passion


Go, Fight, Win

Guests: Wade Brown, Zane Stoddard and Martha Krienke

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How can prayer and Scripture help us fight spiritual battles? That's what Lisa and I discussed with Pastor Wade Brown and missionary Zane Stoddard during this week's round table. We look at what God can and will do when His people get serious about fighting Satan with the weapons He's provided to us.

Agree to Disagree

Guests: Gary Smalley and Ted Cunningham

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Up next are authors Gary Smalley and Ted Cunningham (their latest is Great Parents, Lousy Lovers) who share some insights about resolving conflict in relationships, specifically marriage. If your parents didn't set a good example for you to handle disagreements well, be encouraged that it's never too late to get some training. Plus you'll hear some advice for those who grew up in child-centered homes.

Don't Come Back Yet

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Every young adult has hopes and dreams whether it's to travel the world, get a great job or start a family. So when you consider Christ's imminent return and your unmet desires, what are you to think? Is it bad to hope He doesn't return until later? Listen in as Pastor Wade Brown helps a listener with this question.  

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