Family Festivities: Episode 203

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Family Festivities: Episode 203

Dec 22, 2011
Guests: John Thomas, Priscilla Shirer, Andrew Hess, Martha Krienke and Rajeev Shaw

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Navigating family time during the holidays, plus a discussion on life's interruptions with Priscilla Shirer, and a question about interacting with a brother who's wandered from the faith. Featured musical artist: Keith and Kristyn Getty


I'll Be Home For Christmas

Guests: Andrew Hess, Martha Krienke and Rajeev Shaw

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You remember Christmas how you remember it: most likely through the eyes of your childhood. But then things change. Siblings move away and get married, in-laws enter the picture, and cherished traditions get dropped like bad habits. The next thing you know you're kicked out of your old bedroom and end up on an air mattress in the kitchen over the holidays (yes, it's happened). How can you best make the transition during Christmas when the dynamics are different than you remember them? We discuss the hustle and bustle (or lack thereof) this week.

The Interrupted Life

Guests: Priscilla Shirer

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Do you wish life progressed exactly as you planned it? Well, keep dreaming. Rarely can we script anything in our future, because interruptions — good and bad — happen when we least expect them. Priscilla Shirer (did you know she's Tony Evans' daughter?) joins me to discuss lessons shared in her book Life Interrupted. She says it's not the interruptions, but how we handle them, that tells us volumes about ourselves.

My Prodigal Brother

Guests: John Thomas

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This week we're helping a listener understand how best to relate to her brother who has wandered from his Christian faith. What should she say? How can she pray for him? How can she best love him when he's doing things that she can't support? John Thomas gives us another dose of his always wise insight.