Get a Job: Episode 156

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Get a Job: Episode 156

Jan 20, 2011
Guests: Candice Watters, Kelly Rosati and Martha Krienke

[51:05] - 

Job hunting tips in a bad economy, plus the latest on Focus' life and justice efforts, and a question about pursuing a guy online.


Navigating the Job Market

Guests: Kelly Vizzini and Martha Krienke

[20:04] - 

The past two years have been a rough season. Unemployment and underemployment have affected folks not only in the United States, but worldwide. A friend of mine — a missionary in Spain — said that Spain's unemployment rate will soon reach 25 percent. Yikes. We thought it would be good to offer a job-hunting shot in the arm as well as a refresher course on interviewing well, taking advantage of internships, networking and other go-to tactics. Focus HR rep Kelly Vizzini has seen it all, and joins us with some of her "best practices" advice.

Sanctity of Human Life

Guests: Kelly Rosati

[17:03] - 

Kelly Rosati, our VP of Community Outreach, heads up all of our Sanctity of Human Life efforts here at Focus, and joins me in the studio to share an update on what's happening. Big stuff, including an amazing number of babies potentially saved through our Option Ultrasound program. How many? You'll have to listen in.

Match Game

Guests: Candice Watters

[8:55] - 

She's online, and has been matched with some interesting-looking guys. But they haven't contacted her yet, so she waits. And waits. Haven't they noticed her? Maybe they have too many matches? Should she initiate contact with them, or is that too forward? Candice brings the situation into "real time" to offer advice our listener can act on.