It's Just a Number: Episode 176

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It's Just a Number: Episode 176

Jun 09, 2011
Guests: H. B. London, John Thomas, Amy Seed, Jeremy Woodard, Martha Krienke and Megan Panarusky

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A discussion of life’s milestones, plus an interview with H.B. London and a question about marriage readiness. Featured musical artist: Chris August


Seasons of Life

Guests: Amy Seed, Megan Panarusky, Martha Krienke and Jeremy Woodard

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I'm clinging to 39, and Martha and Jeremy are in the last year of their 20s. We're all facing change and we struggle with regret and wishing for the "not yet." So do Amy and Megan, our summer interns (welcome, girls!) who have ahead of them the leap from college into the unknown. Our conversation is about how our milestone ages and stages are getting us thinking about the path we've trod and the promise of what lies ahead.

The Legacy of H.B. London

Guests: H. B. London

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This month is the Rev. H.B. London's last here at Focus on the Family. This "pastor to pastors" has served in ministry over 50 years already, but he's not done yet. As he prepares for his next steps, H.B. (or "H") stopped by the studio to dump some time-tested wisdom on us. He talks about his calling, the ups and downs of ministry, the value of the church, raising two sons and the legacy he hopes to leave. This is a historic interview that you won't want to miss. And H.B. closes with one of his trademark terrible jokes. Truly. You have to listen to appreciate how terrible it really is.

Ready, Set, Marry!

Guests: John Thomas

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He wants to marry, but is he ready? How will he know if and when he is? John Thomas is on the line to offer practical advice to this earnest and intentional dude who wants to get it done.