Lead On: Episode 184

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Lead On: Episode 184

Aug 04, 2011
Guests: John Thomas, Randy Stinson, Dan Dumas, Andrew Hess, Matt Ehersman, Amy Seed, Martha Krienke and Robert Thomason

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Characteristics of leaders, plus an interview with Dan Dumas and Randy Stinson on biblical manhood and a question about spiritual leadership. Featured musical artist: Beckah Shae


Defining Leadership

Guests: Robert Thomason, Martha Krienke, Matt Ehersman, Andrew Hess and Amy Seed

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Our roundtable this week takes a look at the leadership of men and women in three areas: church, home and the workplace. Men were created to hold the responsibility of leadership, but there are situations where men find themselves under the authority of women. Listen in as our guests define leadership, talk about whether or not it can be learned and discuss how they handle leadership in different situations.

Biblical Manhood

Spiritual Growth|Roundtable
Guests: Dan Dumas and Randy Stinson

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Men are often told they need to be spiritual leaders in their dating and marriage relationships. But what exactly does that look like? Dan Dumas and Randy Stinson give some practical advice and examples of spiritual leadership in their book, A Guide to Biblical Manhood.

Spiritual Compatibility

Guests: John Thomas

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We know men are supposed to lead spiritually, but what if a man is dating a woman who has a more mature faith? Our listener’s question this week is from a woman who broke up with her boyfriend because he was in a different place spiritually. She asks, “So what exactly does it look like for a guy to be a spiritual leader in a relationship?” John Thomas weighs in with some advice and offers a few tips on how women can encourage men to lead.