Making Relationships Last: Episode 164

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Making Relationships Last: Episode 164

Mar 17, 2011
Guests: Geremy Keeton, Patrick Dunn, Sally Dunn, Dr. Tony Wheeler, Leon Wirth and Dr. John Trent

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Learn how you can break the cycle of divorce in your family, plus stupid things people do for love and a question on when to call it quits. Featured musical artist: Rend Collective Experiment


Breaking the Cycle of Divorce

Guests: Dr. John Trent, Dr. Tony Wheeler, Leon Wirth, Patrick Dunn and Sally Dunn

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Dr. John Trent and Dr. Tony Wheeler are back on the show this week as we get serious about breaking the cycle of divorce. You’ll get take-home principles for crafting a marriage story that reflects God’s design even if the heritage you were handed is faulty. Plus you'll hear from a Christian couple who decided to date and marry despite the man's experience of a failed first marriage.


Guests: Hayley DiMarco and Michael DiMarco

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In this straight-talking, tip-filled interview with Michael and Hayley DiMarco, authors of Cupidity, you'll learn about some of the stupid things people do for love. Women, if you've been accused of taking charge in a relationship, you'll want to listen in. Men, if you're known as Mr. Nice Guy, don't miss this. Then share your favorite quote from this interview here on the blog. We'll select three entries to receive a free copy of Cupidity.

When to Call It Quits

Guests: Geremy Keeton

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How does a person know when to work through the rough times of a dating relationship or when to call it quits? Geremy Keeton, a counselor at Focus on the Family, helps answer a listener's question as she navigates a relationship with a depressed boyfriend. Learn what red flags to watch for and how to be discerning.