Men in Tights: Episode 195

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Men in Tights: Episode 195

Oct 27, 2011
Guests: Joann Condie, Aaron Stern, Paul Asay, Gary Schneeberger and Justin Hollabaugh

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Men and their love of superheroes, plus the power of confessional living and a question about being desensitized to pornography. Featured musical artist: Shane & Shane


Serious About Superheroes

Guests: Paul Asay, Gary Schneeberger and Justin Hollabaugh

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After watching Captain America this summer, I was amazed at how many of my guy friends could easily rattle off the backstory of the movie as well as the intricately woven subplots involving other characters (What?! How did Tony Stark's dad get in this movie?). I told a couple of my friends that comic books and superhero movies are to men what Jane Austen novels are to women — stories laden with characters we relate to on some level and shining moments to which we aspire. So I figured it would be cool to bring a few guys into the studio and unpack what makes the superhero world so appealing; what resulted was a passionate discussion on values, heroes, masculinity, and yes, the shameless allure of guns, explosions and special powers.

'Fess Up

Guests: Aaron Stern

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We all want to be known. But there are some parts of our hearts that remain hidden, whether because of shame, unconfessed sin, or past hurts that seem impossible to share. Finding true friends and real community can be hard, even for Christians. It's why Aaron Stern wrote What's Your Secret? As a pastor who's seen dark secrets exposed, Aaron explores the nature of confession and living a life of vulnerability through relationships with other believers.

Lukewarm On Porn

Guests: Joann Condie

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He's struggled off and on with porn but has come to the point where he doesn't really care anymore. He doesn't feel especially remorseful, nor does he have a lot of motivation to change. Focus' Joann Condie joins me in the studio to offer some advice to this listener on how to break past the apathy and move toward repentance and wholeness.