Men With Kids: Episode 177

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Men With Kids: Episode 177

Jun 16, 2011
Guests: Romie Hurley, John Fuller, Greg Smalley, Glenn Stanton and Martha Krienke

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What a dad wants, plus advice for those anticipating fatherhood and a question about recovering from a “man ban.” Featured musical artist: Jeremy Horn


Dads, Unplugged

Guests: Greg Smalley, Glenn Stanton and Martha Krienke

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Being a dad is no walk in the park. Just ask Greg Smalley and Glenn Stanton, this week's roundtable guests. Both are dads who have fears, struggle with regret, wonder about the future and must balance their parenting with the past and present influences of their own fathers. Listen in as these men break down for us what's at stake when it comes to leading a family with grace, humility and a good dose of courage.

First-Time Dad

Guests: John Fuller

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John Fuller knows something about children. After all, he has six of them: male, female, compliant, strong-willed, living at home, flown from the nest — and an adopted child with special needs. He wrote First-Time Dad as an encouragement to men that being a successful parent is not only possible, it's one of the best things a guy can do. In my interview he shares how to manage expectations of fatherhood, prepare for it, preserve your marriage in the process and a whole lot more.

The Man Ban

Guests: Romie Hurley

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She used to manipulate men. Once she recognized this, she put herself on a "man ban." She's now lifted the ban, but is finding it difficult relating to guys again. Why is this so awkward? Focus counselor Romie Hurley gives a straight-talk analysis of what's causing this listener's opposite-sex paralysis and what she can do about it.