Michael Scott Alert: Episode 179

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Michael Scott Alert: Episode 179

Jun 30, 2011
Guests: Steve Saccone, Martha Krienke, Doug Tharp and Travis Williams

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Navigating social situations and friendships, plus an interview on relational intelligence and a question about moving things along online. Featured musical artist: John Waller


That's Awkward

Guests: Martha Krienke, Travis Williams and Doug Tharp

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Our roundtable tackles the perils of social awkwardness in ourselves and others, the delicate nature of balancing love and boundaries with the more “difficult” people, and learning how to be a true friend in the quest for connection with others. Whether you desire to make new friends or better relate to the people around you, you'll find some practical tips in this discussion.

Relational Intelligence

Guests: Steve Saccone

[21:52] - 

Lisa interviews Steve Saccone, author of Relational Intelligence, for this culture segment. He says "Relational" in RI means learning to see people as the highest value and conveying that to them. The "Intelligent" part means learning effective interpersonal skills and then applying them in ways that expand influence. He uses the example of Michael Scott from The Office as someone who could stand to up his RQ (no surprise there).

Online Timeline


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When it comes to online dating, discussing hobbies, work and general interests is a great place to start. But once all that's covered, what's next? A listener asks whether she should wait for the guy to ask the deeper questions, if she can move the conversation that way herself or if they should go ahead and meet. Lisa weighs in with some advice.