Over the Hill?: Episode 193

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Over the Hill?: Episode 193

Oct 13, 2011
Guests: James Groesbeck, Erica Feller, Dr. Steve Foley, Beth Vogt, Lindy Havens, Darci Simpson and Suzanne Gosselin

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A panel of 30-something brides share their stories, plus later-in-life pregnancy and a question about the benefits of marrying older. Featured musical artist: Jessa Anderson


Pretty (Somewhat Older) Thing

Being Single|Roundtable
Guests: Suzanne Gosselin, Lindy Havens and Darci Simpson

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Few girls plan to marry later in life, but it's the story for more and more women today. What goes through a girl's head when she realizes that young marriage is no longer an option? How does she take the story given her and move forward with hope? And for those who married later, is it all bad news? A panel of 30-something brides shares the pains and perks of walking the aisle as an older bride.


Guests: Dr. Steve Foley and Beth Vogt

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Beth Vogt was not prepared at age 40 to hear the words, You're pregnant. After recovering from the shock, she embraced her role as a "mommy-come-lately" and adjusted to the late nights, loss of sleep and energy drain associated with parenting baby Christa. She wrote about it all in Baby Changes Everything and joins us on the show to share her account of how mature motherhood, while not often ideal, can be a joy. Also joining us is Dr. Steve Foley, an OB/GYN and expert in fertility and reproduction. He'll help us separate fact from fiction when it comes to the risks of later-in-life pregnancy.

Pros and Cons of Marrying Later

Guests: James Groesbeck and Erica Feller

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You don't get to parent in your prime, but you bring wisdom and maturity to the table; you miss out on more years of matrimony, but you gain a few more years of relative freedom. Our listener wants to know what to consider as the pros and cons of marrying later; James Groesbeck and Erica Feller from the Focus on the Family counseling department weigh in.