Podcast Party: Episode 200

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Podcast Party: Episode 200

Dec 01, 2011
Guests: Candice Watters, Andy Stanley, Martha Krienke and Dave Salkeld

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Celebrating 200 episodes of The Boundless Show, plus Andy Stanley on enemies of the heart, and a question about crossing from "liking" to dating. Featured musical artist: Matt Wertz



Guests: Dave Salkeld and Martha Krienke

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Almost four years ago we started The Boundless Show. Two hundred episodes later, we're still talking about everything from dating to the job market, movies, books, faith, fantasy football and more. This week we let our engineer, Dave Salkeld, in the studio to reminisce with Martha and me about 200 episodes of audio musings. I also connect with Tim Schellenberg, a new podcast uberfan (he listened to over 150 shows this summer!) and Emily Lyons, the winner of our 200 Episodes Contest.

Heart Check

Guests: Andy Stanley

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Andy Stanley is a favorite among young adults. He's a winsome pastor with an engaging style and a heart for Xers and Millennials. He's also the author of Enemies of the Heart, a book that tackles the four emotions that threaten to destroy us. What do we need to watch out for? He tells us here.

I 'Like-Like' You

Guests: Candice Watters

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The murky waters of moving from "liking" to dating. Sigh. Our listener wants to know how to make the transition (is it possible?) and how she should act in the meantime. Of course Candice has to take this one on. And she does.

Music this week — Christmas music, that is — is provided by Matt Wertz. Check out his holiday album, Snow Globe.