Rejected!: Episode 199

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Rejected!: Episode 199

Nov 24, 2011
Guests: Jackie Johnson, Dominic Balli, Andrew Hess, Martha Krienke and Adam Holz

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Weathering relational rejection, plus reggae artist Dominic Balli and a question about recovering from a breakup. Featured musical artist: Dominic Balli


Unwanted: Dead or Alive

Guests: Andrew Hess, Martha Krienke and Adam Holz

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Relationships can be a real roller coaster, and when they're headed downhill, they're devastating. We've all been on the receiving end of rejection, whether turned down for a date, passed over altogether or dumped after months of seeming relationship bliss. This week's panel gets its hands dirty on the subject of rejection; whether you're the rejected or the rejectee, we hope you'll benefit from our highs, lows and lessons learned.

Dreaming With Dominic

Guests: Dominic Balli

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Martha assumed I'd want to interview Dominic Balli, and after listening to his American Dream project, I told her she was right. He sings a reggae-infused version of pop/rock that gets him compared to Ziggy Marley and Lenny Kravitz, but it's his relationship with Christ that fuels his music and sets his story apart. He also claims he couldn't carry a tune as a child. Hm. Listen in for the full scoop as well as the lowdown on his rockin' dreads. We also feature his music on this episode.

It's Over

Guests: Jackie Johnson

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Our listener has been through several breakups, and none of them have gone well. Hearts were broken and harsh things were said. She's wondering if there's any hope for ending a relationship well. Jackie Johnson, author of When Love Ends and the Ice Cream Carton Is Empty, shares her own experience with breakups as a springboard to answer this week's inbox question.