Return of the Ring: Episode 180

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Return of the Ring: Episode 180

Jul 07, 2011
Guests: Candice Watters, Lisa Velthouse, Lindy Havens, Charity Richardson and Kevin McCreary

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Broken engagements, plus Lisa Velthouse on Craving Grace and a question about pushing male mentorship. Featured musical artist: Danen Kane


Broken Engagements

Guests: Lindy Havens, Charity Richardson and Kevin McCreary

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Young adults who have been on both sides of the ring share what it's like to move on after heartbreak and unmet expectations. They also give lessons learned about moving to marriage wisely, asking the right questions and knowing when to work on a relationship versus when to break it off.

Craving Grace

Guests: Lisa Velthouse

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Lisa Velthouse intended to save her first kiss for marriage — but she didn't. Thus began a journey involving self-doubt, longing, loss and a new discovery of God in the midst of it all. She wrote about it in Craving Grace, and she and her hubby (who introduced her to Boundless!) join me to share their journey.

Minding His Mentors

Guests: Candice Watters

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She's concerned that her boyfriend doesn't have mentors or a good core group of friends, so she'd like to "encourage" him to get some. Uh-oh. Sounds sketchy, but good intentions with wise action can bring great results. Candice is here to help our listener be an encourager in her bf's life without overstepping her bounds.