Risky Business: Episode 162

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Risky Business: Episode 162

Mar 03, 2011
Guests: Matthew John, Martha Krienke, Chelsey Nugteren, Jen Mesko, Christina Browning and Amie Streater

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Discover the benefits of taking risks, plus help for overcoming money myths that keep Christians broke and a question about making friends. Featured musical artist: Francesca Battistelli


Risk Management

Spiritual Growth|Roundtable
Guests: Matthew John, Chelsey Nugteren, Martha Krienke and Jen Mesko

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When you hear the word risk what comes to mind? Maybe you're the type to jump right in or maybe you tend to hold back. For this week's round table, two of our blog contributors Matthew John and Chelsey Munneke join us to discuss what risks they've taken that were worth it. We hope you feel inspired to be bold in making decisions and rejoice in the ways God has guided the risks you've taken in the past to bring you where you are today.

Your Money God's Way

Guests: Amie Streater

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Our guest Amie Streater, financial stewardship pastor at New Life Church in Colorado Springs, was in the studio this week to tell us about her book Your Money God's Way. She says when it comes to finances, "taking crazy risks does not mean you have great faith; it just means you like to jump off cliffs without a parachute." In this segment, she shares a bit of her story about paying off massive debt and gives tips for fighting an attitude of entitlement.

Feeling Left Out

Guests: Christina Browning

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A young woman with a full-time job can't figure out what is causing people to just be friendly with her and not much more. She thinks she gives a good first impression, but people don't seem to just want to be with her and invite her to do things. Christina Browning, a counselor at Focus on the Family, and Lisa give her some advice for making friends.