Wait No More: Episode 196

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Wait No More: Episode 196

Nov 03, 2011
Guests: Joann Condie, John Rosati, Kelly Rosati, Martha Krienke and Kevin Carlson

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Young adults caring for orphans and widows, plus an adoptive family's story and a listener asks about the potential fallout of an unplanned pregnancy. Featured musical artist: Phil Wickham


Pure Religion

Guests: Martha Krienke, Katie Porter and Kevin Carlson

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We're told to care for orphans and widows, but what does that look like for a single young adult? Our panel shares ideas for getting into the lives of adoptive families, widows and others who are often overlooked. With a little care and creativity, you can be a part of something that blesses others' lives as well as yours.

At Home With the Rosatis

Guests: John Rosati and Kelly Rosati

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John and Kelly Rosati had a charmed life as a young married couple; they got along well and enjoyed planning their vacations and chatting over coffee. Life was good. Then they adopted a little boy from the Hawaii foster care system. Shortly afterward, they adopted a little girl; then a boy; then a girl. And life got hard. But it also got more beautiful than they could have ever expected, and they wrote about it in their new book, Wait No More. Listen in as Kelly, Focus' vice president of community outreach, and John share God's vision for families that are grown through the gift of adoption.

Pregnancy Fallout

Guests: Joann Condie

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She's single and just discovered she's pregnant. As if telling her family and friends won't be hard enough, she works at a Christian radio station and is afraid that her news may cost her her job. What should she do? She's repented of her sin and knows God's forgiven her, but how will the rest of her community respond, and what should she be aware of as she prepares to break the news? Focus on the Family counselor Joann Condie offers some encouragement and advice.