We Are Fam-i-ly: Episode 192

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We Are Fam-i-ly: Episode 192

Oct 06, 2011
Guests: Annie Moses Band, John Thomas, Martha Krienke, Matt Ehersman and Travis Williams

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The transition from parent to friend, plus the Annie Moses Band and a question about a dad's influence on choosing a spouse. Featured musical artist: Annie Moses Band


The Parent Trap

Guests: Martha Krienke, Travis Williams and Matt Ehersman

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Remember the days of chores, curfews, consequences and "I told you sos?" Growing up, our parents were ... well, our parents. They were in charge. But then a transition took place, and they became mentors and friends. Maybe for you the transition was seamless, or tumultuous — or perhaps it's still taking place. This week we talk about the shift that occurs when we spread our wings and leave the nest. What happens when we return home for a visit? How does the relationship with our parents change over time and through the seasons of life? How can we best grow up and assert our independence but still honor our moms and dads in relating to them as adults?

Loves Legacy

Guests: Annie Moses Band

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Their great-grandma Moses started the legacy that is now lived out in the Annie Moses Band, a family of classically-trained musicians that plays a blend of classical-folk-pop that's as fun to watch as it is to hear. Fronted by eldest daughter Annie (she and two of her siblings studied at The Juilliard School) and shepherded by the family's singer-songwriter parents, the Annie Moses Band has performed everywhere from churches to conventions to classical venues, and will make their Carnegie Hall debut in January. The three eldest siblings — Annie, Alex and Ben — join me in the studio to talk music, family, marriage and the determination to do all things with excellence to the glory of God.

Dad Says I Deserve a Virgin

Guests: John Thomas

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He's saved sex for marriage; his girlfriend didn't. She repented long ago and their relationship is moving along well, but his dad isn't OK with how this story is playing out. Dad feels that as a virgin, his son should marry a virgin. How can our listener talk to his dad about this important issue, and what does the Bible say about it all?