A Mom's World: Episode 223

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A Mom's World: Episode 223

May 10, 2012
Guests: Darlene Brock, Brock Eastman, Megan Gordon, James Holt and Caitlin Hetzel

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 Moms at home and at work, plus Darlene Brock on moms raising daughters, and a question about maintaining friendships over the miles. Featured musical artist: Christy Nockels


Homemaker or Breadwinner?

Guests: Brock Eastman, Megan Gordon and James Holt

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It's no secret that how we grew up influenced who we are today. And nowhere is that impact more felt than in the role our mothers played in our formative years. Was your mom at home full time, or did she work? How has your memory of your mom from childhood shaped your view of motherhood as a whole? This week's panel comes from different backgrounds, and in a spirited but civil discussion, we talk homemakers, nine-to-fivers, daycare, latchkey kids and the joys and trials inherent in it all.

Mothers and Daughters

Guests: Darlene Brock

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Most moms don't realize the many hats they'll wear during their motherhood journey. Darlene Brock, author of Help Wanted: Moms Raising Daughters, learned firsthand and lived to tell about it. Now the mom of two grown daughters, Darlene shares with us the unique privileges of transitioning from mom to friend, and gives tips on how daughters can have thriving relationships with their moms at any age or stage.

Long-Distance Friendship

Guests: Caitlin Hetzel

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She's moved back home and away from friends she loves dearly. Will their relationships fade? How can she stay in touch in an intentional way? Must she invest in new friendships where she is when she has great friends far away? Caitlin Hetzel of the Focus Leadership Institute just made a move away from friends and has some great advice for those who want to stay in touch across the miles.