A New You: Episode 243

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A New You: Episode 243

Sep 27, 2012
Guests: Andrew Hess, Adam Holz, Chelsey Nugteren, Glenn Stanton, Jon Watford, Valorie Burton and James Groesbeck

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How our bloggers are setting and reaching goals, plus life coach Valorie Burton, and a listener confesses hating her dad. Featured musical artist: Sidewalk Prophets


Write Your Future Bio

Guests: Andrew Hess, Adam Holz, Chelsey Nugteren, Glenn Stanton and Jon Watford

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Sometimes we need a little accountability to reach our goals. We gave our blogging team just that: an opportunity to share with the Boundless world what they've recently accomplished, and what's next on the list. Writing, public speaking, rafting and even getting married made the list. We also had visiting Boundless fan Jon Watford join the conversation (and promise as a pilot to fly our team around the world). What's on your list of Things You Want to Do That You Need to Publically Name So You're Accountable? If you wrote your future biography, how would it read? Oh, and while you're thinking about that, check out the bloggers practicing a Tim Tam Slam thanks to a generous care package from fan Anna Hochman.

Small Changes Big Results

Guests: Valorie Burton

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Valorie Burton likes order. But even more than order, she likes growth. She's so passionate about personal growth that she has devoted her career to helping people get unstuck and move to the next level of accomplishment and opportunity. She sits down with me to knock out solutions for everything from relationships to personal organization to career moves.

I Hate My Dad

Guests: James Groesbeck

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She's struggling (for many reasons) with hatred toward her dad. She doesn't know how to take steps toward cultivating respect and ultimately a relationship with him. To make matters worse, her opinion of her dad is coloring her attitude toward all men. What should she do? Counselor James Groesbeck offers steps for getting started.