All in the Family: Episode 254

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All in the Family: Episode 254

Dec 13, 2012
Guests: Glenn Lutjens, Michael Jr., Jackson Dunn, Evan Reedall and Karen Reedall

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When your date meets your family, plus comedian Michael Jr., and a question about parents’ influence in wedding decisions. Featured musical artist: Francesca Battistelli


Family Fears

Guests: Jackson Dunn, Evan Reedall and Karen Reedall

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Whether you're embarrassed by your family or you think they're the modern-day Cleavers, introducing your boyfriend or girlfriend to your parents, siblings and the rest of the clan can be daunting. Our panel of marrieds tells us how they did it, from navigating weird personalities to unexpected habits to general family tension.

The Funny Truth

Guests: Michael Jr.

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Is it possible to be funny without being rude or raunchy? Judging from what we see on TV and film today, you'd think not. But comedian Michael Jr. disagrees, and has built his career on keeping it clean while making audiences laugh all around the world. Here he tells it like it is on everything from dating to understanding women to being a light in a dark world (or comedy club).

Parental Power

Guests: Glenn Lutjens

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When should the wedding date be? Her parents have one idea; her fiance has another. Who should she side with? Counselor Glenn Lutjens helps our listener with this sticky situation.