Behind the Scenes, Part 2: Episode 241

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Behind the Scenes, Part 2: Episode 241

Sep 13, 2012
Guests: Danny Huerta, Gary Smalley, Norma Smalley, , Martha Krienke and Dave Salkeld

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Part two of our behind the scenes look at The Boundless Show, plus an interview with Gary and Norma Smalley, and a question about ending the sexual aspect of a dating relationship. Featured musical artist: Group1Crew


Boundless, Unplugged (Part 2)

Guests: Martha Krienke and Dave Salkeld

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This week we bring you the second half of our discussion about what happens behind the scenes on the show. Dave is (again) a loose cannon, and the three of us dish on our favorite episodes ever, plus interviews that surprised us. Finally, we run down a list of the actual questions that you submitted.

Gary and Norma Smalley

Guests: Gary Smalley and Norma Smalley

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Gary Smalley has written around a million books on marriage; but what's his own marriage like? And are there two sides to the story? Gary's wife, Norma, rarely does interviews, but Martha and I used our considerable influence to woo her into the studio with her husband for a frank discussion on marriage and how theirs has weathered 48 years. This is a "legacy" interview you don't want to miss!

Putting on the Brakes

Guests: Danny Huerta

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They had sex as a dating couple, but now want to take a step backward and start over with purity in mind. What do they need to know? Counselor Danny Huerta provides some guidelines and encouragement.