Directional Dating: Episode 249

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Directional Dating: Episode 249

Nov 08, 2012
Guests: Sam Moorcroft, Steve DeWitt, Danny Huerta and Martha Krienke

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How to make your dating experience both fun and intentional, plus The Bachelor Pastor shares the rest of his story, and a question about taking a stand for sexual purity on online dating sites. Featured musical artist: Third Day


Directional Dating

Guests: Danny Huerta and Martha Krienke

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Dating should be fun, but if you're dating to marry, you also need to approach the relationship with a level head and an accompanying game plan. How can you find a good balance in dating? Martha and I chat with Danny Huerta for an honest look at our own expectations and experiences.

The Bachelor Pastor, Part 2

Being Single|Culture
Guests: Steve DeWitt

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You heard part one of Steve DeWitt's story here. Now catch the rest of it as he talks about sex and the single man, honoring singleness, and transitioning into marriage with purpose and grace. Part 2 of 2.

Purity Filter

Guests: Sam Moorcroft

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If you've dated online, you know the frustration of navigating the "sex question." How and when should you state your own convictions on premarital sex, and how can you ensure the person you're chatting with shares them? president Sam Moorcroft weighs in.