Election Essentials: Episode 248

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Election Essentials: Episode 248

Nov 01, 2012
Guests: Jim Daly, Candice Watters, Tim Goeglein, Ivette Diaz, Dawn McBane and Glenn Stanton

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Why this U.S. election (and your vote) is critical, plus Focus president Jim Daly on loving those who disagree with us, and a question on the "rules" of dating. Featured musical artist: FFH


Stand Up and Be Counted

Guests: Tim Goeglein, Dawn McBane, Ivette Diaz and Glenn Stanton

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The ads will soon be over, praise the Lord. But the best part is just around the corner: getting to cast your vote (if you haven't already) in a national election and be part of a process that makes this nation great. We've assembled a panel of patriots this week to talk about why voting matters and why HOW you vote matters. If you're an American but aren't planning to vote, I will get up in your grill. You've been warned.

Love One Another

Guests: Jim Daly

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A lot of Christians are good at speaking the truth, but have a hard time doing it in love. Focus president Jim Daly addresses this in his new book ReFocus, and challenges us to reflect Jesus' heart in all our conversations, even in those with whom we disagree.

Dating Rules

Guests: Candice Watters

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I know guys are supposed to pursue, but does that mean I can't even say hello? Good question, and one that gets an answer from Candice in this week's inbox. She helps our listener take a moderate approach to getting the dating ball rolling in a culture where it's often either all, nothing or something irritatingly nondescript in-between.